What we can't proctor.

We can’t proctor attentiveness of the inspector at a continuing education course because the inspector can day dream through it, miss 30% of it, and still pass the quiz at the end.

We can’t proctor that the inspector is abiding by the Code of Ethics on each job.

We can’t proctor that the inspector is abiding by the SOP on each job.

We can’t proctor that he even goes to the inspection… he might just send his helper instead.

We can’t proctor that he checked the furnace, pulled the electric panel cover, or even went upstairs.

We can’t proctor that he has fresh flashlight batteries to inspect the attic.

We can’t proctor that he is sober on his inspections.

We can’t proctor anything.

Some states proctor a licensing exam that 65% pass. Of the many that pass they can still fail 30% of the exam and pass. Meaningless.

It is silly to focus on one link in a chain of weak links.

Oh hell, you make me want to puke Nick.

Make it simple… All nachi certified inspectors must pass the NHIE!!! A
s you said it is so simple a child can pass .

Our online test is a joke. LMAOROTF I get a 98 in 12 min. every time.

the NHIE is the standard deal with it!

If it was not for Gerry B we would be SOL

I think you should make Gerry’s test’s standerd for becoming a member ( as it is better than the NHIE). Holy crap!! we could be the most unbelieble ORG. as we have super standards!!

Alas , until we start voteing, are Org. is a joke!

Money for Nick and his cronies(sp) You guys piss me off!!!

If you go to the membership requirements you will see that all members are required to pass the courses that Gerry has put together for us. So, get your head out of your anal orifice . Todd, if you don’t like the view, stop looking here and go someplace else. The detractors in this association are the people that piss me off. Bar none, this is the best place to be in the industry. What you people neglect to understand is that Nick is making available to you **all **the tools required in helping you in your business, usually at a discount, and for this he allows the vendors to market to us. Yes there are times when I do get a little upset with the constant offers from vendors, but if that is the price I have to pay for the info available at the low price of $.79 a day it is well worth the time it takes me to read the offer and make the decision weather to take advantage of what is being offered or not. We seem to have come around again to the detractors kicking up a fuss because they feel that they are not getting there monies worth. Good God people, what do you want. The message board alone is worth the cost of admission, never mind the expertise that is available here. The very fact that you, Todd, and I can rant about what we feel, is worth it. I keep coming back to what is available to us in the way of advice etc. and I get upset at the detractors.
My rant for today.

Your rant is well said, Larry!

Hi to all,

I have to agree with Nicks comments on proctoring especially as they apply to our current entry level exam.

Our current entrance exam is only there as a filter, it just prevents those without a clue from joining NACHI and when all is said and done NACHI is the only org that has this type of entrance requirement.

I can tell you that I recieve many calls every week from potential members who are pissed that they cannot pass the entrance exam (some get really verbal about it!). These prospective inspectors are told that if they wish to join our profession that they will have to have done some form of primary education to enable them to pass the exam.

Remember that all who bitch about our entrance exam are allready home inspectors, frankly any experienced home inspector who disparages NACHI’s exam based on the fact that they can pass it at 84% in 15 mins is a cretin who should not be in the business, as others have commented I expect any inspector with basic education and some real time experience to pass at over 90%.

Bottom line the enterance exam serves it’s purpose an also it is far from being the only entrance requirement for membership.

Now if you want to discuss whether working members should have to pass a more meaningfull proctored exam to attain full membership (as requested by the MAB a year ago) you have my full agreement, and as Todd mentioned we do have more meaningfull exams available for that purpose.



Keep the online courses coming. More are needed and welcomed and I look forward to them.

Larry, the online courses are a great case en point, everytime I launch another course it becomes a full membership requirement.The final exams for these courses are IMHO pretty meaningfull indicators of our members knowledge.

These exams (on various subjects) have an average pass rate of round 75% (that is to say 3 out of 4 respondents pass) and the average passing % is around 80%. This is really the standard that new members have to meet to be concidered full members.

BTW the next course which is a plumbing one will be launched in the next couple of weeks.



What no stucco courses?:mrgreen:

Don’t start. You know how I feel about stucco](,)](,)](,)](,)

Hi Carl,

The exterios course is likely to be the next one that I produce, guess who is going to be proofing the Stucco pages.

Thanks for reminding me :mrgreen:



It makes my head hurt??

Remind me Larry. How do you feel? People need to have more knowledge of the installation and what the problems are.

Gerry, I just wanted to say that I thought the electrical course was great.Thanks!

Gerry quote: “NACHI’s exam based on the fact that they can pass it at 84% in 15 mins is a cretin who should not be in the business, as others have commented I expect any inspector with basic education and some real time experience to pass at over 90%.”

I agree but “cretin”? :shock:

However, it is fun to beat your own score: 96 in 19 minutes, at least I’m not a cretin. :wink:

Stucco per se is not really the issue my problem is EIFS and the way it is installed. If the proper procedures are followed it is a good system, however, most of the time the backbanding is non existant, the caulking used is incorrect, the installers are not putting proper slopes on horizontal surfaces and the list goes on and on.

I understand Larry. And it rolls down hill. There are going to be major problems in my neck of the woods and as with eifs the damage behind stucco can be severe and the stucco looks ok.
A lot of damage with stucco is from improper window installation and flashing or lack of. Then there is the kickout deverters above the gutters. But those need to be there with all claddings. IMO
The reason this website is here!](http://www.badstucco.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=488&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=)




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](http://www.badstucco.com/phpbb/posting.php?mode=quote&p=2153) Have you seen these?

http://www.badstucco.com/Leaks101_files/frame.htm Grade D paper made on paperback lath is the problem. [bad product installed bad]

http://www.badstucco.com/bricks/bricks.htm The brick layer was a dumb ***. And when I called the codes official he would not even come out and look at the job. [lax codes]

http://www.badstucco.com/repair2.html No moisture barrier under the trim. Dumbass carpenters and the codes people just let it go.

http://www.badstucco.com/ff.htm More effort put into doing it wrong then to do it right.

http://www.badstucco.com/howwe.htm The insurance companys are going to dump the homeowners on their asses.

http://www.dryflekt.com As we both know these or the likeness need to be on all houses not just EIFS and stucco.

http://www.badstucco.com/1coat/1COAT.htm This house is in the same subdivision as most of the pics in the first lnik. What do you think is going on there?

Thanks Carl

PS. Piss on AMMA and ASTM , DUPONT>

I just have a bad attitude.

Thanks for the great roofing and electrical courses.
Any chance that a heat pump and air conditioner course will come out soon.
That is an area I really need help.
I’ve talked with a couple of HVAC guys in my area and will soon be going on some service calls with them.
Do you have any recommendations for books or videos?

I hate to burst your bubble, but 84 is nothing to brag about.

84 is only 5 points away from failing NACHI’s entrance exam.


Who’s bubble? and who was braggin’ about 84? That’s weird, I still don’t see that post.

Gerry quote:“Now if you want to discuss whether working members should have to pass a more meaningfull proctored exam to attain full membership (as requested by the MAB a year ago) you have my full agreement”.

We know how far that will go!

I’m just lurking on this thread.

RWILLS said…

Gerry mentioned it…