What's a Footer?

In my 30+ years in the commercial design and construction field, I have often heard people use the term Footer and always assumed it to be a slang term for Footing.
Does anyone know if there is an actual technical difference between the two?
Possibly the presence of reinforcing? Method of forming? Width or thickness?
If it is really just a slang term, I would think that InterNACHI in their educational material should try to clarify or eliminate the use of Footer such in the Inspecting Foundation Walls & Piers course in sections titled: Settlement and also Cracking.
Any thoughts or input?

“Footer” drives me nuts, as one who was trained using the word “footing”, which is the proper term. No, there’s no difference. In New York, where I primarily practice, the only word used is “footing”. In Pennsylvania, where Ii also practice, and where they have not quite yet figured out how to build houses, they use “footer”. I believe there’s some connection between the two.

Richard is correct. A “footer” is a typing term.

Thanks for the reply. I am glad I am not the only one who “Footer” drives them nuts!
I would say that Michigan may have some of the same construction terms and possibly techniques as Pennsylvania does. I don’t expect either State will change but I think it would be good if InterNACHI doesn’t propagate this practice.
Any thoughts Ben G. or other InterNACHI representatives? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a “pet peeve” of mine as well. I hear it (see it) on this board more than I ever heard it in the field - drives me crazy.

IS a “footer” anything like a “hooter”?

Yes. Corruption of footing. WHich I believe comes from the spreading of weight like our “foot” does.

Actually, I think the term refers to the part of a monolithic slab that is the footing. I never heard of it until I moved to florida. They refer to the trench, rebar and form as a footer here. I think it is slang. I have no idea how it migrated north.

Ah well, they say English is a “living language”…

“Footer” just ain’t right :wink:

For me, a Footer is below the Header in Word ;-)…

I was deposed in a civil case in Florida. The attorney for the other side asked me to tell him about the footers in the home. I told him, “This home has no footers.” He was absolutely certain that he had me dead. He went on and on beleaguering me about this same line of questioning, feeling emboldened, confident and eventually arrogant. Eventually the line of questioning changed slightly and he started asking me about the foundation. That’s when I had the opportunity to tell him about the 200’ of continuous spread footings, with (4) #5 rebar continuous and #4 cross-ties at 32" o.c. He was certain that I changed my testimony and said, “Didn’t you testify that this building had no footers?” I simply said yes. It took a while for the questioning to come around to the point where I was able to tell him that the building had no footers, but had substantial and proper footings. You have to understand, this attorney was an arrogant jerk who sought to punish and embarrass me and my building skills. He was ignorant, and by the end of examination the Record was clear on that.

My Contracting training says footing all the time.

The term would be footer pads.
We went over thsi 2 years ago.
A footer pad would be for a pier.
Follow the link.
Insurance companies, building planners and myself have heard the term used. I worked large site for concrete pours for piers, post and the like.

If you wish I will go into the garage and take a photo of a footer pad carrying a post.

A footer pad is for a pier,
It carries the load of one element.
IE: The concrete building floors are held up.by 12 piers. Each pier is supported from sinking by a footer pad.

A footing is one continuous monolithic length that support the foundation walls.

IE: The foundation walls are supported by the footing to stop the foundation walls from sinking.

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I guess the Canadians better start spelling “American” or we’ll after them words next! :mrgreen:

I was distracted.

Sorry Robert, but you are dead wrong.

There is no such thing as a “footer” in construction terms. You are referring to a “footing.”

I know this thread is years old, but it still holds true.

It’s ungood English

Get over it Jeff we uns use lots of slang

:lol: Yes, it is…