Whats going on?

Dear Fellas,
Thought Id drop in to say hello,… and catch up, but it seems the board is a ghost town. I’m writing this on 2/15 I mentioned this as I don’t know know anymore when OR if it will get posted but I hope it finds all my former nachi bro well. This is crazy, almost like writing a letter that has to be delivered and not read for 4 days. Old school with new technology. simply amazing stuff… anyways, I hope my letter makes it through the NACZI shields of defense. Till next time. Peace out. :mrgreen:

Nice Avatar Peter

Hi Pete, I hope all is well, you are not missing anything here—!!!—:twisted:-:shock:

Hey Peter,

You want to know whats going on?

Well James Bushart started a big ruckus with Nick. Called him a liar and all sorts of other crap. Trashed the association to know end. Started some blog to cause more damage to the association. Which led to the board being monitored and so many of us are just staying away more than usual.

That pretty much sums it up.

Hi Peter!

Thanks Brian!


Yeah,… I’ve been reading a lot of the posts. Seems like a lot of people are ticked off.

Whats up Bro. :mrgreen: Hows business up north?

Hi Peter,

I had to approve your post before I could respond, that is funny and sad. Who would ever think that you would not be a member of NACHI in 2009, not me.

Business is really good; I can hardly keep up with all the inspection work. I’m seriously thinking of franchising with the [FONT=Arial Black]360 Degrees Home Inspection brand name.[/FONT]
How are things with you? I hope you are busy!

Business as usual, politics as usual, but the occasional genuine gift from someone. I can still hear the voice of my old Latin teacher: “Tempus tacendi, tempus loquendi.” (A time to speak a time to be silent).