What's the "ideal" vehicle for an Inspector?

Nice… kind of like a cross between a van and SUV, I like the double doors. Probably gets great mileage too.

I like it. 27 mpg and both sides have double doors.

Sweet, I love both side access.

Marketing tool? In the green sense? Looks and seems fantastic… What is the bottom line?

I’d be able to get to those inspections quick. But I would have trouble carrying my 28’ ladder.

Nice ride, Roy! I’ve been looking for a HHR panel van, or maybe Scion XB, but now I like that one, too.

My Trailblazer is nice and roomy, all my gear fits great, but gets about 15 mpg. :frowning:

Subaru Forester.
Fine for me

I use a beast. Ford Expedition 4x4. It holds my 26’ Little Giant inside along my two telesteps, all my tools, supplies, 6 foot folding table, 4 chairs, folding lounge chair, ice chests, and my dog kennel. I have dual batteries along with an isolator for my charging station for the IR camera, flashlights, other tools, computer and cell phone. Windows are tinted as much as allowed.

It has remote start, which if you guys that live in warm clients don’t have it, you should try it. As I start my review with the client, one button push on my remote and the rig is cooled down when I’m done.

Yeah, gas mileage isn’t the best. Combined between 14 and 15, as high as 17 on some trips. 80% work, 20% for dog trials.

I have a 2014 Kia Soul. Great on gas, great for advertising lots of room. I’m 6’5.

The 17 foot fits great and the 24 foot fits inside with the passenger seat pushed up.

Have not tried the economy mode yet but always crank the AC and do lots of city driving which brings it to about 19@gallon with about 24-25 HWY so far.
Have the large engine though and the thing drives like a sports car with nice acceleration.

Love the individual electronic wheel stabilization feature and the back up camera for parallel parking.

Almost forgot the ladies love it.Had a gal beg to come sit in it with me last night.:slight_smile:

Well, after much thought, and looking at the Nissan NV 200, the Ford Transit Connect, and the Ram C/V, I chose the Ram C/V. Why?

  1. Eight foot cargo capacity
  2. Nicely appointed interior.
  3. 3500 lb. towing capacity
  4. V-6 engine, nice balance of power and economy
  5. Cargo van has lots of advertising space.
  6. Bluetooth and satellite
  7. The price was better than the other two $18,300 plus T&L