Whats the white stuff

in this Bird s h i t.
Hey Gary do you know what that white stuff is I know you prolly never get a chance to see this stuff from the ground as birds are like me they like the view from the highest part of the roof lets one see it all in one view.

This morning inspect was a nice one I actually ran up the valley

Do You have mourning doves there Charley?

Sure do but why would you ask don’t you know that white stuff is just more
S H I T:p:D

Bird poop.

I’m not sure I know as much about sh t as You… but that is what mourning doves do to the ridge cap here…just sayin…

Looks like bird droppings. Dont look up while there!!!

Wait…Did some idiot just put the pink caulking that turns white on the nail heads?

Pigeon POO POO.

ha ha ha ha ha

Charlie’s skid marks…:stuck_out_tongue:

I did not know he wore white soled shoes;)

He maybe asking what the white stuff in the feces’s is ?
We all know that answer .

I would hope so some were just slow to catch on;-)

From an inspection this week. A little steep and way up. A little white stuff on the chimney cap. :stuck_out_tongue:

What does it taste like?:wink: