What's this short PVC stack near floor drain?

It’s a small commercial building.
Drain is located near the water heater & furnace.
Furnace has it’s own floor drain.

Thanks’ Bill O

Based on the location I would say it was designed as the “air gap” for the water heater TPR valve.

Yep. Looks like an indirect receptor for something. If it has a trap it and is connected to the sewer, it needs a trap seal.

It is drain for a sink that cleans dishes and food preparation. It’s code down here.
It is an open drain because if a closed drain where to clog it would contaminate the food and dishes…This will not happen with an open drain. It would just over flow on the floor.
Here is an example.

OK. Somewhere I’ve seen one of these in a modern basement filled with condensate drains. That explains the enlarged sink-like receptor.
In this case, the furnaces drained elsewhere and the water heater is electric. No water softener or HRV installed, etc
Thanks’ for the input!
Bill O

So? please explain

He’s thinking “no products of combustion”??