What's wrong with this framing?

Found this while supervising a renovation, and, that was the carpenters actual question.

I think it needs more straps. That’s what’s wrong with it.

Tell him if he hurries he just might make it to Lowe’s in time to get his money back on that new hammer and tape measure he just bought.

Is this the beginnings of a really very crappy walk in shower stall?

The new opening is in load bearing wall, supporting two floor trusses. It was a closet accessible from the back wall that is now containing plumbing pipes. And, yes, it will be a shower.

I think the quicker question is “what’s not wrong with this framing?” and don’t be a deal killer.


And a few more nails.

In that case, than there is more wrong with it than just the framing, although that alone is enough for it to be torn out and start over.

I could make a pretty long list of stuff…

But, I think the best part are the “structural ducts”… :smiley:

Got any pictures showing it as load bearing?

Would not usually suspect that on an angled wall.

It may just be the angle of the picture but is this going to be a shower for midgets? The height of the shower stub doesn’t even look like it is 5 feet tall.

Can’t fix stupid. :roll:

A better question would have been is “what is not wrong with this framing” smaller list LOL