Fellow Inspectors,
Same cape cod with major water problems. I found this. It looks like some sort of injection setup. The pipes are plastic and the nipples look like the ones on grease points. Any Ideas what it could be.
That thing at the bottom IS a pan of some sort


I have never seen it or know nothing about it but could this be the system where they inject liquid clay under pressure to form a barrier from water ?
Roy Cooke

To me they look like some kind of tensioning rods. Like they use in underground structures to hold the ceilings in place.

Hard to tell but they almost look like “Cone Ties”…for concrete.

Definetly not tension rods. The were in several spots around the foundation wall and at different heights. The fitting is exactly like a grease point. I get the feeling that soemthing was injected. There are holes on the exterior portion of the wall that have been cemented over. The metal I suppose is to deflect water into the drip pans below. Very Strange


:smiley: I’ve never heard them called “cone” ties. Is that an AZ thing?

Snap-tie! That’s what they’re called out this way, 'cuz you “snap” 'em off after you pull the form.

No $hit…:stuck_out_tongue:

This is a stucco man heading to a job here…!

He calls this a truck!

looks like they were trying to collect/channel water leaking through the snap ties

Where were the photos taken in relationship to the rest of the house?

This was around the perimeter of the foundation wall in the finished part of the basement. The two areas that had this were under windows (above grade). I only had access because there were screws holding the paneling and I got curious.

Looks to me like an epoxy filler system used to glue this pan system in place in addition to filling cracks at that joint/ junction.
Water control…Irrigation system.:D:D:D

What strikes me is the “gutter” you have above this “pan” and the water channeling concept with a drain nipple on the left side of the pic. Panelling got wet so someone added this to divert water away from this area…
What is behind that wall ? The exterior or another room?

the exterior

When my folks moved in to their house in the basement there were “zerts” that looked kind of like what is pictured, They were for pumping pesticide into the ground to help with terminates and other bugs.

A zirk fitting is what’s used on a grease gun for adding liquid as opposed to a schrader fitting for adding air. The only reason to install a fitting is if they needed to add something periodically or if they had to seal the area and add it after there was no other access.
So they needed to add a viscous grease-like liquid either periodically or after… back fill? …probably to deal with moisture problems.

So you’d inject something that would stop moisture intrusion but which after a while would become ineffective due to… dilution… soil movement…chemical breakdown?

Someone might install a pan to serve as a sight glass… to check moisture levels on the exterior of the wall without allowing seepage to come under the wall and into the living space.

If you ever figure this one out, please post it.

It turns out that it is a system used to fill cracks / voids in foundations. Either a foam or epoxy injection can be used. It was poured concrete, and judging from what I saw, badly poured.