When CREIA Comes Calling

If CREIA offered you the position of dragging the organization into 2016 with new tactics and marketing you have learned, would you take it?

CREIA is struggling to get members here big time. I think they are down to 5 members in my county. use to be double digits at one time.

I was at that roof training the other day, which was given by a non-inspector related organization. There were maybe 20-25 home inspectors there. Everyone was CREIA but me. I tried to say hi to a few, and they all gave me the cold shoulder while actively talking among themselves. Like wow, are we in High School?

Damn South CREIA’ns.

It’s the North CREIA’ns you need to keep an eye on.

They seem pretty active here. But it also seems that most agents know nothing about any associations. I’ve never been asked if I was CREIA.

^ This.

And the few that do can’t remember what any of them are called.

Thats the same reception from all of the ones i met before also