What's the deal with CREIA?

They seem very ASHI oriented. I’ve been to a couple meetings to feel the water. Seem like a nice bunch of guys.

I don’t know about other areas in California, but in the Inland Empire they look down on InterNACHI. I have met 4 personally at expo events and “nice bunch of guys” is not what comes to mind. Old School mentality, bare minimum follow the sop, degrade anyone not in there Org. But like I said that is my experience with the few I have had personal interaction with, some could be different.

I haven’t mentioned Nachi. But I’m picking up the same vibe that you did.

As I took a class through ASHI, so I got a “free” year of ASHI membership.

It turns out, the local CREIA meeting and the local ASHI meeting are a combined meeting. You show up, and they have two sign in sheets, and you pick your organization, and then all sit together.

So if I had any interest in joining CREIA, there isn’t much reason to, since it’s the same meeting. And other than the fancy badge they promote, I’m not sure what other benefit you get.

I looked at the CREIA forums and they were dead. Few questions asked, and even fewer questions had answers.
And…ok, they just hid their forum from public view.

We were invited to the local CREIA meeting. I went to a couple of them, I did not get much out of them. Watch some defect slides and listen to them discuss CREIA business did nothing for me. Got to size up the local competition though.

I think the Local/hands on and toolbox stuff is really great, esp to pass on knowledge to newer inspectors, to raise the bar so to speak. Not that it can’t be duplicated…