CREIA member also?

Anyone seen any benefits to belonging to CREIA as well as InterNACHI?


Not for me.

I looked into it and see no benefits. NACHI is by far the best.

I think you would also need to join ASHI.

I’ve looked into CREIA, and I can’t figure out what they do, other than collect your membership fee. Their forum is dead. They don’t seem to offer much in marketing or educational support (?).

And by me, the heads of the local ASHI chapter are also the heads of the local CREIA chapter, so any local CREIA meeting is an ASH meeting, and any ASHI meeting is a CREIA meeting.

A handful of agents have asked me if I’m a member of CREIA, but that’s about it.

I plan on attending the conference this year. You can go for one day for 200 bucks or go for all 3 and free membership for a year for 450 or so. Prob just go for 1 day :mrgreen:


I get asked about once a year if I belong to CREIA. I’d rather spend CREIA membership money on joining the local R. E. Associations, more ROI in my opinion.

I just spoke to an agent today who said her E&O insurance required a CREIA certified inspector. I know that CREIA does a great job telling agents this, but it is the first time I have heard of an E&O carrier dictating specific certification. In 12 years we’ve never lost an inspection over this.

On Monday she is going to find out the E&O company for me so I can (or Nick!) call them and straighten this out. We may loose an inspection over it.


I call Bull.

The client pays for the inspection, not the agent.

An agent can recommend from a list of inspectors, but can not tell the client who they can or can’t hire for the inspection.

Such an E&O requirement would be in violation of Realtor ethical codes. And I can’t imagine errors insurance would encourage the person insured to make ethical errors.