The California Real Estate Inspection Association. Is anyone a member and if so, what added benefits are there?

About a year or so ago I was poking fun at their membership benefits page, as it only had about 5 or 6 member benefits in comparison to Anyway, within 3 days, they removed their own member benefits page from their site and never put it back up. One of their board members told me later that they were really upset about it, so I deleted my post.

Was not trying to compare the two organizations, I was wondering if being a member of Creia would have any added benefits.

CREIA is an excellent organization and are the main stay in California; North and South. Excellent educational seminars, tool boxes and monthly meetings. Good ole boys club and membership fees sky rocketed as many members either got out or joined other inspection associations: INachi, NAHI etc., With INACHI now having over 800 members strong today. INACHI opened many doors back in the 90’s for inspectors seeking other avenues. Although CREIA continues to dominate, INACHI is making a strong presence in many areas, north, south, east and west with excellent educational benefits and leadership. Becoming a member of INACHI is a no brainer. Thank you Nick!

There’s a benefit if you like going to local chapter meetings and hanging out with other inspectors as there are no NACHI chapters that are active in your area.

I had our I.T. Department scan their site for you. They have no member benefits that we could find.

I was with CREIA when I first started 10 years ago. I quickly learned that they are not the right organization for a multi-inspector firm. They always have their hand out for money. You have to attend local chapter meetings, go to their training, and pay, pay, pay.

NACHI is such a better fit. So much education that you can take on demand. They don’t have their hand in my pocket, and are a far better source of information than any other organization. All of my inspectors are certified through NACHI.

The OP was about joining CREIA in addition to CREIA. Some agents have bought into the superior CREIA marketing and will only hire CREIA inspectors. So for that you may have to join. But you will quickly find that the time commitments and money are significant.

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When I do office presentations I am nearly ALWAYS asked if we are CREIA. I have to go through the whole spiel of why InterNAHCI is better for us as a multi-inspector firm.

  1. When you are marketing yourself to agents, start really pushing NACHI. CREIA guys do this and have thus branded CREIA as the best organization in CA.

  2. Nick - Please put some resources into marketing against CREIA.

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Bump Philippe’s post. Actually, I haven’t heard the question asked recently from agents about “are you CREIA?” so maybe that is passe. I push NACHI every chance I can and they seem to get it.

In 5 years I have only been asked twice if I was Creia. 1 I still booked and 1 I lost.