"When it comes to basements,you can't stop water but only re-divert it"

Incompetent dorks don’t GET IT

This is the kind of crap, myths, lies many incompetent terds tell homeowners. ](*,)

Sht man, been STOPPING water from entering basements for 3 1/2 g dang DECADES!!! lololOLOLOLOLOL

And that inside JUNK is NOT relieving-removing any pressure against-the-basement wall!

Poured wall, crack and other exterior openings where the dumb az water was entering…

Here’s more inside system crap…did IT relieve exterior pressure/weight? NO man, never.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLjltBxHKfU …now what smarty pantz?

You are a breath of fresh air, Mr. Bubber. Keep preaching the facts!