When will I try to convince Joe Farsetta to step down?

I understand that there is some kind of poll in the members-only section of the message board about Joe Farsetta. Some have asked me to try to convince him to step down.

I will try to convince Joe to step down when he becomes universally liked at NACHI, when all sides think his decisions are correct, when members think he is amiable, when he stops sticking his nose into areas he’s concerned about, when he stops working night and day to protect NACHI, when he stops emailing me every time he sees a potential danger to NACHI, when he loses his passion, when he stops offering rude, unwanted, valuable advice, and when he becomes a soft, loveable, unopinionated fella… not until then.

He may be a crazy pit bull that bites… but he’s our crazy pit bull (and every now and then… not so crazy).

Thank you Nick…:smiley:


It is a very sad day for NACHI indeed, it is the day the NACHI CoE was shredded to protect one individual. It is obvious now to all the office of Executive Director only has authority when you sit in the chair. From this moment on, no one besides you will ever receive the respect necessary to perform the job as Executive Director.

Should NACHI not live up to your vision the reason will lead back to decisions like this, I no longer believe that you or Mr. Farsetta have NACHI’s best interest at heart and that you are willing to sacrifice the membership and what this organization stands for to keep your failed buddy in power. Very few leaders are able to recover the level of trust necessary to lead an organization like this after such an embarrassment, but I wish you well for the sake of all NACHI’s members.

Joe, Who is “you” in your above post and what “embarrassment” are you talking about?

You = You and the embarrassment is the lessons of history.

??? “the lessons of history.” ??? What the heck does that mean?

And what “decision” are you talking about?

You are being so vague I can’t follow.


Joe Farsetta has been suspended pending investigation from all of his voluntary positions within NACHI. This includes anything with the ESOP and as Director of Professional Development.

This suspension of positions was enforced yesterday. Until such time as a full and impartial examination has been completed and a resolution of the charges against him have been resolved they will remain in effect.

If anyone considers overriding this suspension and due process they will in fact be making a mockery of the whole system. No one is above the Code of Ethics including Joe Farsetta.

I object to the last statement in your above post John and ask that you reword it for fear that those reading this may incorrectly assume that I have anything to do with any of this. You know I don’t. I believe I am as free as any other member to say what I think. Am I not?

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I have no reason not to believe you, as far as I know you have never lied to me, but if this were anyone other then Joe Farsetta, would this discussion even be taking place?

In the history of NACHI I have been asked (by an organized group within NACHI) twice to try to convince certain members to resign. In both cases I refused, as is my right to. This does not make a mockery of anything. I reserve my right to be me and will try to protect your rights so you can be you.


Well, why couldn’t you have just said that when I asked you who he is?

Thanks John, I now agree with that line whole heartedly.

Being neutral and unbiased is all anyone ever asked of you. It is my opinion that as NACHI members we all should support Mr Bowman as Executive Director and allow Mr. Farsetta the due process he is entitled to under our CoE.

Who asked him to resign. Certainly not me. If he wants to resign that is his choice. But to remain in positions where absolutely no one will work with you (meaning Joe) makes absolutely no sense either. Especially in non-paid volunteer position.

This is no big deal. Joe can handle it. He has seen the process countless times and knows how it works.

I understand your position John, which is why no one has asked to be your successor.

I just wanted to point out that Joe Farsetta has a tough position too.

I’m sure it will work out for the betterment of NACHI.

Always has and always will.