Where did the thread for the FLIR B400 go?

Has it been moved to a different spot?

Here it is! http://www.reliablelab.com/store/

Nope, that aint it…


You’re too much sometimes Mario. LMAO. :smiley:

John, here are the rules in a nutshell. Members trump non-members here. So if a member complains that a non-member is using the board to sell, the thread gets wacked. You have several options, easiest of which is to join, provide your fellow InterNACHI members an exclusive deal or discount that you don’t offer to anyone else, and let me help you promote it, no charge.

Join the family, treat us like family, we’ll treat you like family.

I know, I crack myself up sometimes!!:wink:

Nick, thanks for your explanation. I have no issue whatsoever with members’ priority on their own site. The value of information here justifies, in my opinion, the views of those who would restrict this to paid members only. That said, your policy of permitting guests (like me)provides an excellent chance to see some of the benefits of membership, so thank you for the opportunity.

I’m not a home inspector and won’t have a chance to get the required training for a few more years. I do work extensively in heat, cold, frost and ice and have added thermal imaging to the array of instruments we use in our research. Some of that work is done in cold chambers, however we have the good fortune (?) in Canada of having natural frost and ice conditions for too much of the year. Having grown up on a farm with a father who was an electrician, plumber and stationary engineer, most of my building, electrical and plumbing knowledge is hands on only, so I would rank my knowledge at a DIY level, hardly enough to inspect without further training.

All this said, I doubt I would qualify for membership in your organisation at present. That puts me in the ‘trumped’ end of the equation, I guess.

I will say this: Of all the forums (fora?) I attend, this one is unique in the way that disagreements among posters is handled. One of the things that gives me pause is just how aggressive things get at times, and why. Of course, there is much I don’t see from my perspective, but it seems that some folks can say whatever they please with impunity, while others are shunned/banned/whatever for what appears to be the crime of disagreement. One concern I have with the prospect of joining is that I can invest the effort and fees (I honestly don’t know what the fees are), only to step on some hidden land mine and be banished. How do I avoid that?

Not trying to stir the pot, goodness knows. It is an honest questions from an outside observer. I’d appreciate any wisdom you can share, the flame-free version appreciated.