Where I start looking

Ive been a member now for 2 months, and need to start getting some home inspections under my belt. Ive been looking every where on line and in the paper for some great places to start and cant find anything, I’m located in Montgomery County, PA. I’m just looking to be pointed in the right direction.
Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Spencer R Scowden

Since you do not even have a web site can I assume you are looking to work with someone ?
Keep posting here to learn as it does not happen overnight.


Anyway, if you are looking to just do inspections for experience, get out there and inspect every friend and family member’s house for free.

If you are looking for paid work, start marketing yourself first. Marketing is your job unless you are doing an inspection… and maybe even then.

As with any new business, it is important to devote a significant amount of time in marketing yourself and your new business. Even after you start getting work, you are going to need to continue to market yourself. I would start off with developing a detailed business and marketing plan. Set specific goals and identify ways to meet potential customers. Social media methods are great, but nothing beats contacting everyone you know personally and professionally and leveraging that network. Good luck with your new business!

Hit all your local real estate offices and pass out your business cards and flyers

look up REO companies or lease inspection companies. They dont pay well but it’s something. I did a fair anount in my first year.

Visit some BNI groups. Many cities have young professional network groups- all great for networking and practicing your marketing skills

Spencer, how many mentored inspections under a licensed inspector does Pennsylvania make you do before you start inspecting for a fee?

With a name like that, you better look for work elsewhere.

Maybe you should start signing in under your name instead of some dumb moniker. That way you can get in the Member’s Only sections of the message board.

No website, no business from the internet.
No linked signature, no business from the message board.

How is anybody supposed to find you if you don’t exist?