Where's the Convention...

very nice

Did they use a “Rub” or a “Sauce” on those burnt ends? :wink: :smiley:

Not sure about the bbq, but they got way big bugs!

I’d have to agree with Will, as long as it’s not in February… Flights are relatively cheap to Chicago from anywhere in the country.

Best time whould be in early December. The weather is not so bad here during that time and the inspection business is usually pretty dead, so people wouldn’t lose much business.

Chicago in '07!

Hi Wil,

Last time I was up in Chicagoland was Oct last year and if I remember correctly it was 34 degrees with sleet coming in sideways, plus it is very hard to get people to travel anywhere between thanksgiving and Christmas due to other commitments and the price of flights at that time.

Sorry mate :wink:



Dallas Texas is a good central place. Nice all year long.

Personally I think Philly would be an ideal location. :slight_smile:

I think we need mini-conventions. east coast, west coast, and points in betweem, but at least two. And it should be free to real estate agents, and free to every inspector who’s not a NACHI member, so they can see what they’re missing.

Now that is very interesting . Like it, Great to think outside the bubble .
Thanks Keith.

Hey Keith great idea!:smiley:

Woodhull, Illinois brags to be the center of the North American Continant. Thus would stand to fit nicely. But it would be a bad idea simply because there is nothing to do outside the actual event. Unless of course you like hog roasts and kegs of beer. I would opt for a place where the family could come along and it could be made into a vacation. With that said I would have it around a large body of fresh water so I can take the boat out and fish, (while the family shops and such), and when I am done I could attend the hog roast and kegger.

As Will would say “Hope this Helps”

Love Tennessee

Google comes up with this

North Dakota Tourist Attractions](http://www.roadsideamerica.com/map/nd.html)Geographical Center of North America Rugby, North Dakota Rock obelisk marks an important spot on your map. Giant Turtle. Tommy Turtle
www.roadsideamerica.com/map/nd.html - 29k - Cached - Similar pages

I figured it was not true! Do they have a big fresh water fishing lake though?

“All you really need is love,” or so the Beattles tell us, and you can get that and more anywhere the NACHI clan unites. Of course, a glass of wine, or a flagon of ale, and a kiss on the cheek doesn’t hurt either.

Don’t forget the best pizza, hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches in the world.

And pretty much every other great food you could evel want. All in a 1 mile strip of the hotel.

Plus 10 movie thaters, 2 live show theaters, on of the best shopping malls (and within 2 miles of 6 others) in the world. Also, 13 different shuls and 12 churches. (I just had to get that in. Sorry :mrgreen: )

And within one mile of my house and 34 different new construction projects (we call them McMansions) including 8 differrent styles of houses. I know all the contractors and coud set up a great walk-about seminar.

Chicago in '07!

Yeah …great place plus what a lot of people do not know is the chicagoland area has third largest gambling revenue in the country.
But December?Even I hate December weather in Chicago and I like cold weather,plus people need their christmas money Will.

I vote for Nome, Alaska just to show how far NACHI members would go for their association!

Or maybe not…

That would be cool