Which SEO company to use?

Hello all, which company are y’all using for your SEO? I’ve been using AD IQ and I’m on the front page of Google only in a small area considering the actual coverage area of my business. Any suggestions is welcomed and appreciated.

for one, do not check your listing yourself from your computer or phone or home internet, Of course you will be on the first page, as you are searching as close to your area as possible. Drive somewhere you want to get work. open your phone browser in incognito mode, and then do the search. are you still on the first page? do you have a google analytics and search console account? SEO is mainly external of your site, as long as you have everything in place on your site, go on and do a seo score scan. if your score is above 65 you are okay, it will also tell you the problems with your site you need to fix to get the score up. There really is no need to pay for SEO, years ago it was a thing, But things have changed allot. you are just throwing your money away. go out and get backlinks on other sites. like internachi. every post you have without a signature is hurting your seo. Add a signature, it helps your seo as google tracks internachi forums and every times it see’s your website listed it helps with rankings. This is why we all have signatures added if you hadn’t noticed that. go to
SEO Checker | Test your website for free with Seobility and enter your site. see where you stand. And get rid of your SEO guy do it yourself. Take your life in your own hands. If you learned 5000 things about a house you can easily learn SEO pretty fast.


That’s awsome William.

Thanks for sharing. :+1:


You can get FREE SEO also by filling out your signature on your MB profile and posting on here often. INCLUDE your website. If you need help with instructions I’m sure @lkage will be willing to help.:wink:


@irobertson may want to chime in


They have a mobile app for Android as well, Kevin. It’s what we used for our site.

Here is a screenshot.


Another good option is to have your website “inspected.”

Shane did mine a while back and gave me a nice report with things I should consider changing. He is specifically focused on home inspection websites and the fee is fairly nominal. @sdaily2


I like the way they create their reports to mimic an HI report. Are they affiliated with Spectora? Sure looks like they modeled their interface to mimic ours. I’ve only used Spectora so maybe other software systems are similar as well?

He uses Spectora to present the website report. That is a unique use of the software for sure!

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Thanks for the SEO tip JR, I’ll be checking it out on my phone as well. I checked on my PC and had a score of 87, but I’d like to try to boost it up a bit, under Server I only had 54% so I need improvement in that area for sure.

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thanks Marc :). You can always check us out at fullviewdigital.com


Can you elaborate on what am MB profile is? I have a website and pay monthly to stay in front page of Google

Message board profile.

You can fill out your “signature line” and it will show up below every post you make.


For example… :slight_smile:


What @kleonard & @jfudge said.

Fill out the section MY SIGNATURE at the bottom. If done correctly you will have a signature after every post you make. The Google bots will eventually pick up on it and help your SEO…
Web capture_26-3-2023_165149_forum.nachi.org


I think I got it.


It’s crazy to think an outfit like Google would reward companies for having thier content crapped out onto random forums and comments across the internet. I feel like that has to change now that AI can spin up content effortlessly. If not, the internet will continue to get bogged down with rapidly spun up (rewritten) articles.

I’m trying to focus on content. Paying others to post things in all of those places just seems crazy. I refuse to believe that won’t be undone, but legit content will always be around.

Your rankings are likely isolated because their keywords and local seo is isolated. These are questions your SEO company should be explaining.