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I am new to this and my website has been up and running for almost a month. I have done the best that I know how at the moment to set up my business profile with google. I can’t get my website to show up in a search. The same goes for duckduckgo. I feel like I’m missing something here or maybe it takes more time. It seems to me that if someone searches specifically for my company name in this area that it should show up. I have went through the :SEO: checklist on WIX and acted upon all of their suggestions. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. BTW it’s Cardinal Property Inspection and the domain is

It unfortunately takes time. As well, showing up depends on Google algorithms, if you are new you are not relevant. Blogging and citations will start to build relevancy but also keep in my that the vast majority of people get their inspectors info from their realtor and are not searching the web for you.

Direct to buyer marketing through SEO. Another channels is definitely a thing, but it’s also definitely limited.

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How many pages did you scroll back? It’s very possible stuck back 10-15-20 pages deep, or more.
From experience, you are most likely still in the ‘Sandbox’, and could stay there for up to a year or longer!!,backlinks%20and%20top-notch%20content.&text=It%20can%20take%203%2B%20years,elusive%2C%20but%20hypothetical%20Google%20Sandbox.

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Thanks. it just seems to me that search results should be a little more specific. Marketing is a new area to me. Huge learning curve here.

I’ll look into that. Have never heard of the sandbox.
I’m not a huge fan of google anyways and only use duckduckgo for personal use. The crazy thing is that when I search for domain directly it doesn’t show up. I don’t know a lot about this and just want to make sure I’m doing any and everything I can to get myself out there.

What is the (your) domain you are searching for? Post it here exactly as you type it in.
Also give us your generic info that a customer might use to find you.
Perhaps we can see something that is affecting your site from visibility.

Right off the bat, THIS guy has all the SEO juice for CARDINAL in Florida!

You need to figure a way to get around him. That will take a lot of time and you may never beat him.
There is nothing wrong with being second, sometimes it’s an advantage.
Seeing as you’re in Fl with thousands of other inspectors surrounding you… Good Luck!

Thanks. Well it looks like I come up on your search. I’m not trying to be on top of the list I just want to show up, lol. That company and mine are in completely different areas of the state.

Doesn’t matter. He is distracting potential clients with his listings.

Tip: Go through all his listings and find out where he is listed. Take that info and develop a plan for yours.

Also remember, until someone knows you, they won’t be searching for YOU! They will be searching generically for ANY inspector in their area of choosing. How are you grabbing their attention??

Just did a general quick search on GooGoo, looks like there are several “Cardinal” names in FL.

SEO takes a long time, year or more, especially on Google. If you haven’t already, add Google analytics to your website dashboard, meta tags to all your pictures on your website, and update your listing weekly. It’s a PIA but it helps. Also fill in your signature for this MB and include your website, email, phone #. It will help also. Another tip is to search for your own company using Google, Bing, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc…
Good luck…

Thanks. I don’t know much about meta tags but I guess I’m about to.

Well my GF is a realtor. So far just getting out and meeting people, dropping cards etc. Plan on attending more realtor events and things like that.

A nice chunk of my business comes from out of area / out of state / and out of country.
Don’t limit yourself to the local influence you mentioned. One never knows where your next client will come from. That also relates to my comments above regarding the other guy having a larger market share and you need to steal some of it for yourself!

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I found you on Google page 1 using this term…Maitland, Florida home inspector

I had to scroll down a bit.

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Ironically, he is missing out on the Nachi SEO juice for all these posts because he doesn’t have his Signiture filled in.


Yes I thought about mentioning that too. But I was hoping he would notice most of us have a link to our site.

We were very lucky years back when Dominic was here and gave us Huge SEO tips, along with many other computer related assistance. And all for free. We were fortunate then.

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He must not have read that part of my post…


Try and get Panama City Beach and all the areas that you cover on every page of your site…it helped me. But mostly word of mouth was it for my business.

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Your Internachi listing has just your city and state. You should list your zip code and all the zip codes that you a willing to cover. And make sure that your business is google verified, they like to see your address with a photo