We are looking for inspectors with a taste for adventure (and, this is a stretch, free time on their hands)! We at Whisper Computer Solutions, Inc have developed a new Windows software package called “WhisperReporter” that is capable of handling reporting for just about any kind of inspection including home, commercial, appraisal, phased inspections, WDI, etc. It is a complete package including its own built-in word processor, spellchecker, and PDF generator, among many other features.

WhisperReporter is in its final testing phase for its first release, and what we need most of all is to have as many inspectors as possible take some time to evaluate the product and provide feedback to us. Secondly, although we’ve included a few sample report templates to get you started, we’d like to distribute a whole lot more! If any of you have or know where we can obtain various non-copyrighted report layouts that we could setup within WhisperReporter and distribute for free, we’d love to hear from you (we want to give inspectors as many sample layouts as possible that they can use as-is, or as a starting point to enhance for their own use)!

WhisperReporter contains full layout customization that can be used to create your own report layouts, but we feel it will be helpful to include screencam videos to make the customization easy to master. But to do this we need feedback from inspectors like yourselves to know what content those videos should contain.

We deeply appreciate your time, let us know how we can return the favor!

WhisperReporter is free to use until released, visit http://www.whispersolutions.com/WhisperReporter.htm for more information and to download the software and/or documentation.

Thank you!
Whisper Computer Solutions, Inc.

P.S. while at our site, check out ImageEditLite, a simple freeware image annotation editor to add arrows, boxes and text to jpg images.

If you are looking for guinea pigs to do your beta testing, at least give them a free sample. “Free to use until released”? We are professionals that deserve something for our time. We sell our opinions, we don’t give them away.



OK… msg heard, but just want to add that many of our beta testers have already earned free copies of the software just for that reason. Like we said in the post, let us know how we can return the favor of your time. These inspectors volunteered their time with no anticipation of getting anything in return… they just, well, they just liked us for what we’ve given them over the years. In return, we felt they deserved something for all the time and effort they put into making our product something special, and now their efforts are being shared with all inspectors.

With that said, it is more of a preview request where inspectors who find the software of value can provide input of features they would like to see in the final product that might be missing… this testing phase is the best time to make these requests. Also, if we don’t provide a report layout that you like, let us know and we will add it in for free, provided we can include it within our package. This way you don’t have to take the time to add it in yourself (maybe we can even work out additional incentives).

Our previous product, WhisperPI (for Texas inspections) has been available and used extensively for many years. Ask around and you will find our reputation in Texas to be second to none, relying only on word-of-mouth to promote our product.

We hope you all will take the time to know who we are and who we have been… you will like what you find out about us!

Best regards,
Eric Himmer
Whisper Computer Solutions, Inc.

Actually I looked this software over and it is a VERY useful program. Like was stated, it can be used for more than one type of inspection and as such will be a real money saver rather than these companies that are charging thousands for commercial software when it can so obviously be incorporated into one program.

I for one will be taking the time to look into this in more detail and appreciate the opportunity. I would be happy to receive a copy of the finished product, but it is certainly not necessary.

This is far different by the way than the companies who want to charge $500 to Beta test. I think a little politeness would be in order. The poor guy wasn’t even given the opportunity to offer free copies. Jumping on people in a public forum does not make you look good when clients come onto NACHI to explore your reputation Stephen.

I can’t vouch for Whisper’s new software because I haven’t seen it yet. But I can vouch for their character.

I’ve heard very good things about how the guys at Whisper treat people. And all my dealings with them personally confirm that. They are ethical, upright, genuine men who care about their customers.

I would not (and do not) hesitate to recommend them to home inspectors who need good and inexpensive software.

I’ll bet not one person reading this can give us a story about how they were mistreated by Whisper. Very few software companies can claim that.

I’ve been using WhisperPI ( the predecessor to Whisper Reporter) for several years now and have no serious complaints. Eric and Larry at Whisper Solutions have always been 1st class and very helpful. I strongly recommend them and request that everyone give them an opportunity to share their product here.

I’ve been using Whisper for the past two years and like it very much. The support from Eric et al has been exceptional.


Is this the Bob we all love and know?? Have not heard from you in awhile.

“Aluminum termination points not treated with anti-tox paste”.

From the W.R. Basic Electrical section.

In all seriousness, I gave it a (very) quick test drive. Nice work, Eric. (You probably will want to 86 the extra, “t”, though.) For those of us who might be interested in purchasing the product, what do you forsee as a retail price range??


Yes, Manny. It’s me. Hope you’re doing well! Blessings to you!


whoops… thanks for the heads up on that RapidRemark… appears to be incorrect in both the description and the actual remark. Time to fire our copy editors :wink:

As for the retail pricing… we have absolutly no clue to be honest. We want to be fair, very competative, and give you a product that is worth every cent, just as you do for your customers. The introductory pricing will be in effect for a while… at least until we get a feel for support requirements that will be needed, and well, how many ski trips the family wants to take this winter :smiley: (just kidding!!)


P.S. forgot to mention something in the help file… you can change the way the comment area workspace is presented while you enter your comments by right clicking on the comment area and selecting either “Page View” or “Text View”. Text View hides the actual margin area from the workspace, Page View does not.

Now that I didn’t win the $1000 Porter Valley software I’m REALLY interested in your software, LOL!

(ps, I already was. :wink: )

Hey Wendy, I’m really excited about winning the PV software but my wallet has that empty :shock: feeling since I recently bit the bullet and purchased Homeguage. I guess it’s good to have an extra “tool” in your toolbox. Now to learn two systems ](*,)

Oh cripes are you serious!?! Don’t you hate that? It’s like Murphy’s Law. You wait and wait to buy something then win one as soon as you do. :slight_smile:

BTW, I really like your logo. It gives me the impression of NACHI without saying it. Very cool! :slight_smile:

Thanks! It’s a $29 logo off ebay. Big spender, huh? :slight_smile:

Will try - looked quickly at sample report - will this s/w have the abliltiy add photos?

Hey! Whatever works! It looks professional. :slight_smile:

:shock: Now that I think of it, I guess I have no online samples that show photos! Well, other than the User Guide itself which was actually created using WhisperReporter, and contains quite a few images.

So yes, we support photos and they can be placed anywhere in the report with word wrap-around if desired. We also offer a free add-on image editor to add arrows, boxes and text. We also automatically scale the images to a manageable size so as to keep the resulting PDF file small for emailing, yet still maintain a high quality image. All of this is explained in far more detail in the typically boring User Guide and Help file.


Okay, I definitely want a copy. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for the update, I’ll download and look thru the user guide.

Have you thought abt running on a PocketPC/PDAs ???

A bug introduced in the last release, 1.0.b2, prevented backward compatibility with Acrobat Reader versions prior to Version 7 if the report contained images. And since our User Guide was created with WhisperReporter, some of you might not have been able to read it.

I’ve uploaded 1.0.b3 which corrects this issue.

Great first impression, huh? :frowning:

(Murphy, I hate your stupid laws!)