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I’ve been using Whisper Solutions reporting software since March or April and it’s been fantastic.

If anybody is looking for a report software for Texas, this is it. I've downloaded most of the others and tried them and this one is the best.

They have a fully functional download that works for 30 days - it prints, etc. and does not have DEMO plastered everywhere.

It took me about 5 minutes TOPS to figure out most of the in's and out's of this software.

It lets you put pictures wherever you want them and all you have to do to edit a picture is click on it and it will automatically load whatever photo editing software you have told it to in the setup. When you close the photo editing software, the photo is automatically saved into the appropriate place on the report.

And for those of us that do WDI's in Texas, the WDI report is the best I've used - it works SEAMLESSLY with APEX, the leading sketching software used by appraisers. All you have to do is click on the sketch area of the report and it will automatically load APEX and allow you to draw a sketch of the property, complete with the dimensions and conducive conditions. When you close APEX, the sketch is saved to the report. Man, it's SIMPLE.