White Paper: Testing Building Envelope Systems Using Thermal Imaging

Written by: John Snell and Rob Spring, P.E.

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Thanks to John and Rob


Thanks Barry.

Hey, they gave the Canucks a good word!!
**"**Another excellent reference, although not a standard, is the
Canadian General Standards Board Manual for thermographic
analysis of building enclosures (149-GP-2MP)."
I used to be on the CGSB standards committee for air leakage testing of large and small buildings.

One small point of disagreement and I know that you’ll get this comment from anyone that has been in the energy-efficient buildings business for any amount of time:
[FONT=HelveticaNeue-Roman][size=2]"When buildings are too tight or too moist, health-related problems
quickly come to the forefront."
No building…period…is built too tight!! When you build them tight, (1) you must do excellent exterior roof/facade design and installation work to eliminate moisture leakage and allow any intruding moisture (from inside or outside) out and (2) you must design and have appropriate interior ventilation to provide good general indoor air quality of which moisture control is only one criteria.

Thanks for clarifying the point. You are absolutely right: build it right and tight and control moisture sources and then ventilate appropriately. I hope others also find the article of value and look forward to any other comments or questions.

Thermally yours,

John Snell
ASNT NDT Thermal/Infrared Level III #48166
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