I believe the white seen in the recessed area of these breakers is some kind of corrosion. Can anybody tell me more about this?


IMG_4171 (Small).jpg

From the pic it appears to be dust/debris…similar to what is visible on the wires and everywhere else as well. Hard to tell.

Its not dust or debris. Its a white, chaulky substance in the slot across from the screw in the breaker. Its on all but one of the breakers.

Based on the fact that some of the 2 pole breaker ties appear to be rusted, it is pretty clear that a corrosive environment has existed in the panel at some point. However, from the picture, it pretty hard to tell if there is any corrosion that warrants any rehabilitation.

It’s not corrosion - I can’t tell you what it is, but I believe it’s something used during the manufacturing of the breaker. I see it all too often.

I’d be more concerned with the AL wiring. . .

What did it taste like?

Just kidding. I have recently learned that some of the old breakers employed a borax plug in the arc chute for arc suppression.