Who else's business is slow?


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It is in the lounge @jjonas . Do you still not have access? :astonished:

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I am sure Nick has a few of these lying around for JJ. I call BS!



Nope. That A-hole really did a number on my cred!!

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As do I …

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Wow Daniel, that is awesome!

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Thanks! It was a fun project, but took about twice as long, and cost about twice as much as I thought it would.
But it sure made the wife happy!


Good evening Nick and Chris. Many of us are flabbergasted that @jjonas is trust level contributor. He has been a long time friend, member and regular for many many years. I am personally petitioning you to restore his trust level back to regular please. I am 100% certain many others would also support this motion. Besides, we miss him in the lounge! Thanks in advance.

@gromicko @inxilpro


Slow? BS… Between my two companies we inspected $11,000,000 worth of property today!

Actually, we did but it was two inspections - me doing a 9mil place on the ocean in Maui and my guys back in Oregon doing a 2mil mansion. The 9mil was by far the highest dollar place I’ve ever inspected in 22+ years but the money was in the property not the house. House was a mid-70s traditional with an ohana (mother-in-law’s detached quarters)… somewhat rough condition but oceanfront within a quick walk to downtown Lahaina. Oregon house was an old historic type place in an elite part of town.

This was actually a perfect day to question if we should work more on % rather than base fee. I know there have been many threads on this and we don’t need to digress here but it is somewhat ironic that I walk away with a grand on a 9mil house that was A TON of work (and liability).

So do u want to give me advice or just brag and be arrogant?

I did give you advice and you thanked me in the third post of the thread. It was just a joke and I’m pointing out that between my two companies that normally do a bunch of inspections we only have two today. Should I apologize that they are expensive houses? Lighten up cockwad!


Nice work Brother!


Lol. Cockwad? Haha

Chris, you came for advice so let’s be honest for a second.
I went to your website and the very first sentence is 7 months out of date. Colorado Prices have been declining since June 2022.

In the second paragraph you reference your “TEAM”. Your website does not have the feel of a multi-inspector company, but without an “About Us” section your site visitors can only guess.

As Martin noticed, your site is cartoonish.
As Ian suggested, you need updated information and some personalization to highlight YOU. Take a look at some websites of your local competitors and figure out how to capture local home buyers. Consider adding some content to your website to let your home buyers get to know you a little and see you in action. You gotta give them a reason to pick you over the other inspectors out there. There are over 100 in your area.
Check out Julie’s pictures and videos as inspiration for your website overhaul.


Help has been offered from 11 members and this is how you reply?


Way to go Matt!


In general terms, my favorite indicator is how many homes are on the market. Lower inventory means less inspections. The trend is not pretty. In general, we are all competing for a declining market share. However, I recommend that you dial in to your local market to better understand local market conditions.

It is about the same here in NE Ohio, but I am trying to cut back anyhow. I am getting picky on the ones I do now. I want to keep it at 1-3 per week now until my license expires in 2025.
I have been doing Value Engineering as a consultant for a Aerospace company since 2021.
Pays better and I don’t leave my office!


Congrats, Joseph! Thanks for the insight.

What the hell fun is that? I spent years getting my ass OUT of the office!