Who is Interested in a NACHI Flag

Background:Davison, MI is known as the city of flags. The city has a flag pole with a flag for every state, the USA & the city. At every major street intersection, shopping center & Bank has 3 to 4 flags flying.

Question I asked Nick: Does NACHI have a flag that I might be able to offer to the city & maybe to the banks that they could fly under the city flag?

Result: I was asked to check into having a NACHI flag created. I came up with two designs to find out pricing. The two designs turned into four designs by the flag makers. I presented the two designs to Nick with the pricing. The additional two designs from the flag makers is based on the printing style that would be used to print the flags.

Print Styles:

  • Dye Jet Printing - Infinite # of colors, Ink fading from one color to another color possible. ( Price more then double that of Silk Screen Printing )

  • Silk Screen Printing - price increases with additional colors, No fading from one color to another color.
    Flag Size & Background Color:

  • 3’ x 5’ flag single side see through (flies the best)

  • White Background - looks good, least expensive

  • Blue Background - looks good, $15.00 / flag more expensive
    Note: Remember that the bar at the top of the flag would be a solid orange-ish color all the way across with silk screening.

They can also make CAR FLAGS also at a very low price. ( $0.60 more expensive for the blue background each flag. )

**Nick asked me if I could post them & see who all would be interested in the flags. If we have a large enough interest in them we may go forward with this idea. I think I will do this as a poll. **

NACHI Flag 001 Small.jpg

NACHI Flag 002 Small.jpg

I like the blue one.

This would be a NACHI Bennifit.

This would be a Chapter Bennifit

If you think their should be a different design please say so.

I like it and I think it would be a great idea. Another good idea to convey cohesiveness within the body of the organization. Like shirts, etc…

Come on everyone vote for something. Your looking, 75 views but only 14 people have voted.

Please participate, it’s not hard to do.

A NACHI flag? You must be joking.

Look at it this way, you are first( company logo on your shirt) NACHI or any other org. is a distant second. I suppose you could put a NACHI deal on your sleave or something , but come on folks You’re company is far more important than the Org you belong to.:roll:

NACHI is only a marketing tool and nothing more. Use it wisely and prosper.:mrgreen:

Learning tool also Mr. Allen…:wink:

The sports team analogy was given the last time this stuff came up…and I forgot to mention…those guys wear logos of their TEAM…not their LEAGUE…:wink:


How about a NACHI flag on one side of your truck and an ITA flag on the other? :wink:

Every morning, I will get my entire family outside, have my youngest daughter pull out her trumpet and blast out reveile whil I hoist the U.S flag and (under it) the NACHI flag.


Nice logo, though, Jason.

Note: The above was intended to be sarcastic, i.e. a joke.

“and an ITA flag on the other”

NO. The flag of Oakton Community College!

(They actually have a flag. Go Figure).

The way I see it is that each of us is a single player on a team… Team NACHI.

The players have their name on their shirts but much smaller than the LOGO on their shirt, hat & other things.

The marketing idea here is to get people to recognize NACHI like they do A$HI.

The more they see NACHI the more they will request a NACHI HI.

By promoting NACHI and NACHI Standards you show that you hold yourself in higher standing then someone who is self centered and only thinking of themselves and not of their fellow men & women.

I got it Will, I know how you voted… see post #1;)

NACHI has given us so much already. I would be honored to promote the association in any way possible. Count me in for support on this. I like the white one!

I lived next to a guy who did that with the Canadian flag for years .
It made him feel good and this rubbed of on many others .
I never heard a complaint.
3*5 is too big

Roy sr

If I had one it would get hoisted right under the good old USA flag. :smiley:

Look…It even comes with a poll. :smiley: :smiley:

Lets not be silly. You and your company are first, ALWAYS

If you would like to put a NACHI logo on you’re top of the line Polo then put it on the arm or something… Geeez folks wake up!:roll:

Are you disagreeing w/ me or agreeing…just want to be clear…

I thought my team vs league analogy was especially insightful and it took me many hours to come up with it…

Team = Your company
League = NACHI

Here is the deal…

NACHI is for marketing and that is all it is. I am not talking about the MB as it is priceless. I am talking about marketing your self and you’re biz.

I ware $75 polos and nice clothes to boot, no were does it say NACHI. However, I pump the NACHI name into all agents and clients.

NACHI is just an Org. you belong to, make **yourself stand out.

The Org. does not make the inspector.:cool:

I am agreeing with you Todd…I guess I didn’t make that clear…sorry.

Somebody had posted that we should wear Nachi all over our bodies just like baseball/football/hockey/basketball players do…my point was that yes the post their team name all over themselves…not necessarily their league name…

Ok…I need more beer…I am trying to convince myself that I am making sense…not good.

Todd…I haven’t disagreed with you yet since I have been a member and I don’t intend to start now…clear?