Who Needs a Home Inspection Anyway?

I can just see how this went.

Realtor: “The market is pretty hot. If you ask for a home inspection, you won’t even have a chance at getting this house.”

Buyer: “Well it looks good to me. I don’t want to spend the money anyway.”


It is obvious what we do is important. Just wow.

Looks like an issue with the downspout! :thinking:



umm duhhhh, downspout issue per ‘leaky basements’, 'THEY" the dummies claim, downspout extension is WHY basements LEAK, duhhhhh!!! fkkkg duh. lolll But go ahead n run that BS all ya’s like

HERE wienerville… why does the basement leak here? Go ahead n expalin loll, is it the downspout extension HUH?

now outside, soooo just add another 101 1/2’ feet to downspout extension? = idiot-ville
Hey, go ahead and try that, then let homeowner call us all back w/result or, i’ll run a water test and we’ll find out right away

some dummies here like to twisy shtt, spin their lil weak crap, as i have said a shttload of times, go ahead and make sure every stOOPid downspout on every house extends faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaar farrrrr away, fine!! geezzz DUH!!!

What i said was, that’s not why these basements LEAK, fc n a and if some can’t see that then maybe they shouldn’t be trusted inspecting peeps homes

Homeowners need to be suing for the incompetent crap coming outta mouths that wind up costing them money, quite a bit of money… BUYERS usually, sue these morons for bs’g you and claiming bullshttt, damn

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As always eloquently stated

Seen this one while out on a drive. :slightly_smiling_face:


Seen this one when I was out today. :flushed:


Nice. No level required. :slightly_smiling_face:


It is a house at Storyland in New Hampshire.