Realtor says to call them so they can assess your leaky basement

Really? Too many drugs America, seriously… you are doing too many rorers or drinking too many bottles of bourbon… call a realtor eh? And as he yaps on about, water diverting bulllshtt, its ALL nonsense man, you peeps need to be sued repeatedly or smashed in the head with a 7 iron


then we have penls like this Mr Level guy, who says HE should be your first call… yeah sure, first call is you wanna get bullshttttted, stick with what you do best will ya’s, it’s NOT this subject

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Hey there Mr. Mark-CPI
What’s all the fuss?
FIX IT for eight bucks! … :cowboy_hat_face:

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lolol duh realtor in vid and Mr Level-dork suck, pretty simple from where duh hlll Marrrrrrky sits, got MILK? How ya doing Gollllllllllllllldie-dude?

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Not sure how long you have been a inspector but we use the word PROFESSIONAL in our title. Suggest maybe you keep it professional. Okay to vent BUT we should as a professional keep it professional if we want to be heard and respected.


Not sure where you came from or where you’ve been around here but Mr. Anderson is a very well respected basement contractor we all know & love.
His mission, besides education on the subject, is to expose shady companies who’s goal is to swindle the public with misinformation & improper repairs. :slightly_smiling_face:

That being said, i believe we are professionals and should talk that way. Don’t agree with a lot of businesses out thre but keep it professional.


Hi Jim,
Maybe you could take over Marks role as a consumer advocate for basement repairs/waterproofing. That would be great!!!

Btw Are you a specialist in this subject matter? Even with 20 years in the trades I was not. He is very informative. Please share your knowledge and experience regarding this subject matter, we will all undoubtedly enjoy it.:clown_face:

You’re entitled to your feelings.
DON’T force them on others. We heard you the first time.
As John Paul said, Please share your knowledge and experience regarding this subject matter, we will all undoubtedly enjoy it.
You are off topic.

The first video is the classic example of why a “special relationship” with real estate agents and brokers is problematic. When he says “let us or one of our agents”, he apparently is classifying their closely-held home inspector as one of their “agents”.

Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
of the National Association of REALTORS:

Article 12: No false or misleading advertising.

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Prooooooooooooofessional…? lolol Jebus, what’s that mean? I may not be the professional you want me to be ‘on this board’ but I treat homeowners as well as anyone in this fading republic.


here’s yet another pinhead, he says he has the ANSWER to basement flooding!!! hahahahaha … quite a few will never ‘get’ this subject but sure like TA get out there and make videos on it, what a “professional” he is, huh? lol Total moron on this subject is what he is, truth hurts sometimes, eat it.

Jim , you’d likely hire THIS guy for basement waterproofing over my balding melon because he SEEMS… more professional, right?

thank you to others who had my cranky old back.

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Mark is an expert on water infiltration into basements, crawlspaces and the like.

You’ll get to know him. Skip the turds and pick up the gold nuggets. You’ll learn a lot

You get what you get from Mark.

Hope you and yours are good Mark. :grin:

Wasn’t questioning knowledge just stating about grammer used. Sorry if i offended you. Not looking for a argument. Thanks

Thanks Larry

JIm, just asking… would YOU hire the ‘drip’ in the video if you had a leaky basement? Or maybe hire the realtor, how about Mr Level? lolol Hey, I have NEVER said I put sentences TOGETHER well, nope, I don’t care to lol sorry… and as for kicking around a few others, YES sir, I do and will kick 'em if and when they LIE and scam homeowners, yep.

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thank you guys again for putting things in… a better perspective, I don’t wish demons and wizards (Uriah Heep! lol ) follow Jim home, I just hope some others will take some times to see through ALL the bullshttt on this subject, especially the blllshtt from the many interior drainage system morons because they are indeed screwing over many homeowners, but it doesn’t help when ya have realtors, concrete terds and others doing videos and making false claims
Crrrrrank it UP to 11…Easy Living, Uriah Heep, got milk?

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Here! I fixed for ya :cowboy_hat_face: