Who Offers the Best Level 1 Class?

My new Flir E50 bx is suppose to be here tomorrow and I would like to know everyone’s thoughts about where to receive my Level 1 training. I noticed most places offer a Level 1 Thermography Course and a Level 1 Certified Building Investigation Course, what is the difference in these 2 courses? As always, I want to thank all of you for your help.

Lee it just depends how in depth you plan to pursue IR will it ever be used more than home inspections I trained level 1 and 11 with Flir and level 111 with Infraspection institution both are excellent


I did Level-I with ITC and Levels-II and III with Infraspection. Both are excellent, but I like the relationship and real world experience with Infraspection. They are truly fine folks.

They have a deal going now where if you attend their January conference in New Orleans, you can get a 100% tuition voucher toward their Level-I course. You will learn a ton at the conference. You will likely meet several of us if you attend the conference. It’s an outstanding bargain if you want to get started off right.

Chuck do you have more info on the conference?

If you plan to attend, let me know. I’d like to meet you in person.

Russell all the winners are going to winter in New Orleans in January it would be good to have you there :p:p:D

I am sitting here patiently waiting on the big brown truck to bring my new toy. This kind of reminds me of when I was a child and the day before Christmas, except I know what I am getting. Thank you to all that replied, especially Chuck for the great information and special deal that Infraspection is offering. I think Infraspection is where I will be taking my Level 1 Course. Chuck, I will keep you posted about whether I will be able to attend the conference or not. If I do attend, I would like to meet you and Russell so that I can pick your brains. Again, thanks to everyone for helping me make the right decision.

If you go, you will be so overwhelmed with the information you receive you won’t be picking too many peoples brains! :slight_smile:

Once you select who you want to start your training off with, stick with that trainer.

Level I, level II, level III are not three separate courses. They are a continuation. It is best to maintain the continuity between the levels.

You can take application training from anyone, but stick with the program you start with for your certification.

If you do make it to the conference, you’ll be able to meet a bunch of us there.

Pick my brain? Ok, if you want tumble weeds and air, its yours for the taking.

I will try, but S Florida is not like the rest of the country and that time period is big time busy for us. We are backward folk here ;). Summers are slower and winters are jammed packed. I will see what I can do…

I would love to meet you all…Good people always = Good times

Go for the education though. Don’t get too hung up on the “Level” thing which IMHO, is just a sales trick to attract rank chasers. Like David said, it’s really one continuation (as is all education). I bet they wish they had a Level IV ;-).

Anyway, you won’t go wrong with Infraspection.

I wished they did also RHIP

Not much left to look forward to is there Charley?! :wink:

I guess we can go get “really” certified… ASNT NDT/PdM