Who to refer?

HVAC tech or sparky? Notice how nicely the thermostat wiring was attached to the box and routed through the sealtight (LFMC). :smiley:


Sure does keep the dogs from chewing the stat wire or at least they only do it once;-):wink:

Since it’s an electrical violation I would say that a sparky would get the call to fix it. :wink:

My company policy is to refer all electrical issues to sparky’s, only.

You don’t refer your HVAC issues to a carpenter, do you? (Although sometimes you probably should)!

I agree with Jeffrey Jones!

There’s a first. I’ve seen it mis-spelled many ways, but that’s a doosey! :shock::wink:

Is that Canadian? :smiley:

I agree, but is this an “electrical” issue, or “HVAC” issue? After all, it’s the thermostat wiring (HVAC issue) that will need to be relocated.

My question was more for fun (and Charley B’s entertainment), but either call would be prudent. A qualified contractor of either trade can correct this issue, although I suspect the HVAC contractor was responsible for the original mistake.

Opps! Sorry Jeffrey Jones. FIXED

Understand and agree.

I posted my other thread for the same reason, but mophed into a serious thread on it’s own. That’s good though. Joke’s go from being funny really quick when chit goes wrong.

In this case… as the wiring enters the disconnect box, I refer to a sparky.
If it did not, I would comment that a HVAC tech could repair, as it would only be low voltage and minimal risk.

Better… and close… almost there… :mrgreen:

Too many Jeffreys and too many last names!
Are you happy now because if you are not you know where you can go!

Ha-ha-ha-ha!!! Yes… thank you, thank you very much!!!

Yes I find a few of those my self surely it was installed by a sparky a Hvac guy just would not do that;-);-);-):wink:

The thermostat wires (low voltage wiring) need to be relacated, which should be done by an HVAC specialist.

The trade that did it in the first place should be the trade to fix it.

Except: Bad disconnect installed by electrician, connected to the equipment by HVAC contractor; should be correct by the HVAC contractor as they allowed it’s use.

In a case like this would one recommend how to fix it or just defer the fix to someone else? I could see the HVAC guy just changing the type of control conductors and making the same mistake twice.

I report that low voltage and high voltage components must be in separate enclosures and/or conduit. I don’t reference the conductor types.

What about telephone cables (at bottom) in conduit with SEC, not what I’m pointing at (mismatched breakers).

What about them?

Did you have a question about mixing hi/lo voltage conductors?

The real issue here is that many electrician’s and HVAC techs think that you can install class 2 conductors and power conductors in the same raceway, they typically will cite (incorrectly) NEC 300.3©.

What they miss is the FPN at the end which directs you to article 725 which prohibits Class 2 conductors in the raceway or enclosure with power conductors. This would mean that Class 2 control conductors, like the ones in the OP, would not be permitted to be installed as shown even if their insulation value was the same as that of the power conductors.