Who's inspecting the inspectors KSHB-TV

This was one of the news stories last night. Watch and form your opinion. So, we as home inspectors can’t quote code requirements, but what happens when the AHJ are on the job???

I guess its just another reason why private hi’s need to be regulated.


Watch the video



Perhaps city building code inspectors should be licensed. That will ensure that the consumer is protected…and…uh…oh, yeah. I forgot…

I’ll bet those isnpectors passed drug and background tests though…:roll:

That one KC code inspector who did/or signed off on 232 code inspections in a day must have been associated with ASHI because they are the greatest inspectors on earth and the greatest gift to mankind.:roll:

By the way I sent Dan Bowers a bill today in the mail for a new T.V. because when his picture and voice came on my T.V. it went on the fritze, worked fine before until he showed up.:stuck_out_tongue: I wonder if his E & O will pay?:slight_smile:

Maybe they should do background checks searching for off-shore bank accounts.:roll:


Great video. Opportune time for NACHI inspectors to jump on the bandwagon down there. Schedule seminars and begin them with this video.