Why do we need Realtors

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Heres an article I found on MSN this morning. Give it a read.

Nick had said awhile back that NACHI was trying to get a free home listing site for realtors. It seems that NAR is trying to do everything in their power to keep this from happening. I like the comments of the author regarding the realtors remarks of the home inspetor.

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Finally, someone in the press is giving HIs thieir due credit in the real estate transaction.

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Realtors are your home advertising agents…everything else they do is fluff. icon_wink.gif

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Isn’t advertising “fluff” to begin with?

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Maybe Nick should contact ZipRealty and these other online co’s and make some deals with them.

Then maybe we need not be dependant on realtors.

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The writer brings up good arguments if you were never in a realtors shoes. I myself sold real estate for over ten years and still maintain my license. There are good, average, poor, and bad realtors. Some work very hard to make sure all of the loose ends are tied up (ex. clear title from title company, helping buyers get financing arranged, completing terms for chattels and responsibilities. and yes acting as a chauffeur for sometimes months with no income or security to have people walk away and purchase from others. I have also seen disasters on represented parties but almost always on non-represented parties.

There is no law stating you must buy and sell through a realtor. You can use a lawyer, or do-it-your self if inclined. Why do you think people use realtors. Because they have too much extra money laying around. Of course not. They realize it is the best form of advertising by numbers and they will most likely have all of the proper paper work taken care of correctly. The realtors do make 1/4 of the total commission, true. On 200k home that is 3k. If they are lucky they sell on average 6 a year for there first three years. 18K isn't that great of an income, is it? They often study under some one else and have to give up a small part of that or the office manager will oversee there actions. In any case the broker of the agency is totally responsible for all of there agents actions.

Don't complain about some one else's job....it is work.

Truth be told a good realtor is well recognized and respected. So are good inspectors. We use realtors to help promote our business since they don't want any liability either.

For sale by owners and discount brokers do very well while the pendulum is in this high end swing of a sellers market. Wait till time get thin. The realtors thin as well. The average of 70% of new realtor only last 3 to 5 years in the business.

After all any one can be a reator, a weather forcaster, a news commentator, or a home inspector.

How many home inspectors ever lifted a tool in the trades? How many had formal training in each field?
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