Why does electricity hurt?

A short enjoyable read:


“I am going to include this with a report I’m delivering tomorrow. The young lady was from another country and was having trouble understanding two-prong receptacles with a three-prong adapter. This may help her understand it better. (Me, too.)”

Well, she still had problems understanding, but does feel better that I recommended an electrician–she is very naive. Reversed polarity in the kitchen (4 receptacles). Rest of house was two-wire system with three-slot receptacles. No GFCI. She was afraid the world was coming to an end…

At first she wasn’t sure she should follow my advice and hire an Agent to represent her. She is good friends with a very ethical Agent and finally said she would talk to the Agent for help. sighhhhhhhh

I’ll probably be living with this thing until it’s done, but that’s what I’m here for–to help.

I guess…

lol…rather CUTE article…:slight_smile:

Sometimes the most basic info/education is the best.

Glad it was helpful. :wink:

I was gonna go with…it just STINGS…gives you a OUCHIE…:slight_smile:

I did not know that it hurt – It sort of feels like “your foot is asleep” or your drank 7 even up too fast

When I was a little kid I would stick my big toe into a light socket that was plugged into an extension cord just because it was neat


I pushed the wrong button to respond to my own post…I still can’t figger this new board…couldn’t figger the old one either.

I’m not the family techie…(I am a bit of a TREKKIE, though)…but maybe someday…

lol…Richard the bad thing is…I HAVE that image of you sticking your TOE in the plug that is SURE to cause me nightmares tonight…not the PLUG…YOUR TOES probably…lol

I also hooked up a transformer backwards to see how much voltage I could get out of it. That popped a 20 amp fuse