Why inspectors should take continuing education even where not mandatory.

NACHI has the best continuing ed, that’s for sure.

Very well said Nick and I for one am a strong believer in continued education.
As a Builder all my life, the only way to stay current to better ways, innovation, methods and not the least inspecting, is a crucial point in keeping up with the times and bettering one’s ability to do a better job.
One is never to old to learn. It is a never ending road to excelling on one’s abilities.
Inachi provides us all with that benefit. All should take advantage of it. :slight_smile:

TRAINING IS GOOD. The more you sweat in training. The less you bleed in WAR.

Thanks, for all the training, Nick.

Time spent on this forum should be considered for continuing education credits!

Hey, I’ll second that motion. :mrgreen:;):):smiley:

NACHI on the Web was intended to fulfill the void of the Lack of Education (Information) when we (NACHI) entered the web…

NACHI has been Successful where others have failed…

NACHI will continue as others disappear…


[FONT=Arial]I fully agree and I want to thank you for making ALL of our courses available for our members but… I wish that you would RESTRICT the FREE courses to DUES PAYING NACHI members![/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Why have NACHI haters like ASHI member Scott Patterson and others like him come onto our message board unrestricted / unmoderated and insult us as “Fraudulently Certified” inspectors while also availing themselves of a FREE education that helps them in their Home Inspectors business? [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Remember …. They are DIRECT competitors to DUES PAYING NACHI members![/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]I say that this should be available ONLY to NACHI members![/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]If you want to use the FREE Education to entice prospective members why not have a SHORT / TEASER version of ALL courses available to the public! [/FONT]

I’ll second that motion.

a third here on that motion

Wow. With temps heading to zero here, lots of snow on the ground since Dec. 24th, dead business, I decided to take the septic course today; good, but intense and detailed. Passed it, though. I feel like I now need a shower.

Gary, did you fall in the access hole?:mrgreen:

I agree with Frank above, all these course should be for the benifet of Inachi Members only.
That is what keeps us one step above the rest in knowledge provided by our dues.
If others want to take advantage of all this knowledge available to Members, they need to join.
Non-Members should only see a complete list of all the courses Inachi provides to it’s Members and the non-members will join on their own time.

I agree, only for dues paying members.

If you look in the LEFT column of www.nachi.org/education.htm you will note that very few of our approved and accredited educational offerings are open to all (open to non-members). The “fee” we charge non-members to take our courses is $289. :smiley:

I, somewhat, disagree. If we offer quality CE, then more HIs will join (but they have to see it, first) and the public, as well as Realtors and builders, will see us as being more professional.

I just used Ben’s heat exchanger video (free) to explain to a lawyer why a cracked heat exchanger is not part of what am HI should be able to find.

A picture tells a thousand words, and a video has way more than a thousand pictures. That’s a LOT of words.

Just my opinion and hope this helps;

Wow. Just took the attic and ventilation course. Nick, I why do you have steps, doors, windows, in this course? You should split it up.

Will… Thanks for your comments on how VALUABLE a tool this FREE Video was to you as a Professional Home Inspector.

You not only used it to further you knowledge as a Home Inspector but…… You used it to educate an attorney!

  • What a VALUABLE tool!
  • I believe that YOU just got your $289.00 worth!:nachi:

In my opinion “You just made my point” for me!

Once again, I say that this VALUABLE and FREE video should be available ONLY to dues paying NACHI members! :nachi::nachi: