Why is electric meter set up like this

Any idea why an “electrician” would have set up a service panel like this rather than taking the old one off and putting in a new one. The old meters service lines are being routed into the newer unit.

Have any images from further back?

Unfortunately not, but one thing I should’ve added is that there are two service lines leading into the home one of them incomplete

It’s temporary. I bet dollars to doughnuts those cables aren’t “hot.” How would you like them “parked.”


It was raining :smile: Only photo’s are from the interior, lol.

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Thank you.

It appears to me that the service panels were in the process of being swapped out and the job was not completed. The old loose/detached electrical service panel also appears to be supplying the home with the power, the new service panel wiring doesn’t appear to be connected. The electrical contractor (if there is one) may be waiting on the electrical company to shut off power before completing the panel swap out.


It could be becuase the old meter does not fit in the new meter pan. Around here the POCO gives us a meter adapter so that the old meter can still be used in the new meter enclosure until they come out and change it.


The way that aluminum SE cable is sticking out of the new meter can allows water into the cable jacket, doofy the “electrician” should have tucked it inside & it would have been fine.