Why Is This Building Leaking?

I had a 3 unit condo building a few days ago that had some “issues”. What’s wrong here??


What do they consider FLASHING, the six-mil----:lol:


The insulation absorbs the water that soaks through the block.:stuck_out_tongue: When you see mold growing on the walls, you remove the drywall, wring out the insulation and replace the drywall. Pretty simple, no?

Yes, Yes, that’s what I would recommend as well, nice Job Linas—:stuck_out_tongue:

Once the insulation is wrung-out, she’s ready for another stellar installation–:lol:

Dang Linas,

I think some of our construction guys moved to your neighborhood

This contractor was from Poland, your construction guys come from just south of the border.

Was that the split block you guys keep squealing about on that building?
I would think the plastic could help divert the water into the neighbor below. Must be a B-Dry system.

Yes, it’s split face block. See anything wrong with this? Is the poly behind the drywall OK? Do they need more insulation or is R-3 OK? How about a drainage plane? Framing nailed to block is OK? please help!!

I agree R-3 should be OK in your area, maybe R-4.5 max :p. Give your Polish contractor some polish sausage :mrgreen:. Oh yeh, and our construction workers here (southwest) are from alot further than the slightly below the border you mentioned above. :wink: :mrgreen:

Maybe they put the required R-13 under the slab with the vapor retarder and then used the vapor barrier on the walls. Will you be testifying as part of the upcoming class action lawsuit. I’ll leave the window installation deficiencies for another day