Peter, I hope you are not judging the membership of an entire national organization by the actions of a small group in your state who have formed a chapter.

I will admit that many ASHI leaders are looking for a new host to land upon when our big dog dies and state licensing boards are very attractive to them. But that is something you would deal with regarding these people no matter what organization they might belong to, in my opinion.

ASHI is trying to stay relevant by being a player in discussions, but what is happening at the state level is being acted out by the personal greed of the individuals involved, in my opinion.

We did it by beating them at their own game.

Thanks Pete, I guess I wouldn’t say NACHI needs ASHI, necessarily, but another org. like you say to keep us hungry, and make us strive to get better. good point.

Many of the ASHI and NAHI “big dogs” in Illinois don’t really want to be inspectors, anymore. They are (were) angling to be on the state board or become CE providers or pre-licensing course education providers.

But they are failing, pretty well, all on their own.

There are exceptions, but this is pretty much the case.

Charlie, This tactic of starting an independent organisation of home inspectors in states that are considering licensing is not new to ASHI. In fact it has become a template not only for NH but in MO. and I believe FL. IMHO it is a last ditch attempt at domination within state lines to foster ASHIs mentoring program as well a boost the education. My belief is if ASHI wants to survive they need to be more in tune with their members instead being a good ole boys club.

Hi Will, as we are here in NH. We will not let our guard down and are still fighting legislation as SB212 passed the senate and is now on the way to the house.

We have such a state association, here in Illinois.

I am a Charter member and on the board of directors.

But, it does NOT favor any association. There are members who belong to all the different associations and most of the membership are independents.

We all work together and there is no favoritism to any association.

I got a lot of crap from some NACHI people for working with them, but I discussed it with Nick and John B. and others in NACHI who I trust.

And it turned out to work.

Trust, but verify.

Or, as we used to say on the South Side, “I trust you, but I know where you park your car.” :mrgreen:

Different areas, different conditions, different tactics.

Not trying to tell you what to do, just giving you the benefit of our experience.

Hope this helps;

Will, your help and experience is always welcome.

You are correct, Peter.

It is a template modelled closely from the success that one particular group had in Pennsylvania a few years back, called “PHIC”. Even to this day, these ASHI members continue to convince many in their state that they are a genuine coalition representing all inspectors. So far though no one else has had an equal amount of success with it in the other states.

I work in a state that requires licensing and remember how active ASHI was in getting that legislation passed but it was back in the days before there was any opposition to licensing. We did not have to hide our ASHI membership and pretend to be anything else much like the boys in Illinois did, as Will described.

Charlie, I am close to Mass. and have heard that the licensing down there has been a disaster. Here in NH the independent coalition has testified in senate and house subcommittee hearings that they represent every home inspector and their orgs in the state which is just not true.

If “John Mehoff” is who I think he is, it is possible that he is an actual member of one of these state coalitions. I think he is actually an ASHI chapter president and, if I am correct, he has only recently come to the conclusions that he has published in the other thread I mentioned.

It would be enlightening for many of you, and me too, if he were to address some of these issues from his perspective. If he stumbles across this thread maybe he shall.

I think you better go back and read some of the BS in your member area.

( Scott: I fully agree with you. But we should, as professionals, extend this to real estate agents and contractors.

Refresh my brain cells, we are secure on this Forum, right? No more non-members peeking in?

Don’t just read the Forum, add your questions and comments, we all benefit! ) Just a sample of the BS. And NO the forum is not secure.

Henry, fill us in on this quote, was it from charlie and if so when??

I hope this thread with Charlie is not another attempt at deception but won’t be surprised if it is.

No it wasnt charlie just scott and some of his friends talking about NACHI.

They would barbecue Patterson’s a$$ at inspectionnews if they knew he complimented NACHI…expecially Nick.

I wonder if these guys are right and things are drawing to a close in ASHIville. If I were a member considering renewal I would have to wonder who benefits by it more…me or ASHI? There really is no benefit to membership anymore.

None I can see Jim, but I paid my dues for the year, the one advantage is a tax deduction, I will not need that deduction next year though.

Yep. I agree, ASHI should turn into a ditator run org, have NACHI and ASHI join together, hire nick as the ed, and appoint bushart, and crayola in charge of the ethics committee, :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Of course you could suggest to them, they could always save the members $s by not paying venders, and denying finiancal liabilaty on expenses occured:roll: :roll:

I sure get a Lotta greenies for telling the way it is, to date haven’t had nachos sherrif ,Joe F question who I was, or what my motive is:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Well, now that we have heard from the “unserious faction”, I believe that this thread is now complete.

The struggle that my poor friend, Mr. Harris, is engaged in needs to be understood before you will be able to really understand his posts.

Like many newbies, Mr. Harris came to rely upon the reputation of ASHI before he had a chance to establish his own. Any arguments made that show how unfactual that the ASHI reputation actually is he considers a personal attack.

His remarks and other facts brought to light in other threads have convinced me that Dan also has to deal with the fact that NACHI involuntarily terminated his membership.

I’m no psychologist but I don’t think you have to be one to see how these things combine to create an extreme inferiority complex on his part.

My advice to you Dan is to wean yourself from nursing off of what used to be a very meaningful ASHI member designation and build a reputation of your own. I’m sure that you are a fine inspector and are worthy of respect no matter what association will allow you membership.