why so many nails???

I hope you can see these pics clearly after I compress them enough to upload them. This is a 2 story wood frame stuccoed home built in 2005 by Pulte. It is one of many homes that had to be re-stuccoed due to moisture intrusion. The north side of the attic has engineered wood trusses and purlins that have hundreds of nails where two 2x4 have been nailed together. The south end of the attic does not have all these nails. It just has the single 2x4.

Looks to me like the trusses were all damaged and they attempted a repair. Doubt that is the way the engineer wanted it though.
I can see cracked members on some of the verticals. :slight_smile:

Agree, but I have had trusses delivered damaged, and the certified repair was to nail a sister in the pattern shown in the pics.

I just did a re-inspect of some damaged trusses. The SE report and recommendations were stapled in the area and I guess the person performing the repair could not read because he sure didn’t follow any of the requirements. One of those was the size, number and positioning of nails as well as the size of the sistered member.