Why the CMI Designation is Destined for Success

With the renewed emphasis on increasing fees and the commitment of CMIs to lead the way in this effort, the title of this thread needs to be changed to “Why the CMI Designation Will Succeed”.

With this as their goal, who among us cannot support them, their efforts, and their designation?

We have a new Pres in John lots of good ideas and many who are helping .
I expect we all will see that the CMI is just another of many good ideas in this Industry and more to come .
Thanks for the push James much appreciated .
… Cookie

I feel CMI will succeed, because it is as strong as each brick that makes up the wall.

After speaking to several individual CMI inspectors, they feel the benefits they have
experienced, is worth it to them. As each individual feels the benefits in marketing
their business as being “board certified” then they can take that to the bank!!!.

Hey, your not gonna take it from me. I got it, and it helps me feed my family,
so that settles it. Go CMI!!!

I’m gonnna fight for what is mine. Regardless of anyone’s predictions, this CMI
is going to succeed and will continue to succeed, because I don’t know the
meaning of quite or give up. That is not an option. I am experiencing a profit and
a measurable benefit, and as each brick in this wall experiences the same benefits of
CMI, we don’t care what anyone says. We have something that works at our
house, and that’s all that matters. These bricks will stand!!!

We don’t need anyone’s encouragement, inspirations, or help, because we have
something that works and who cares about anything else. :slight_smile:

Thank you James for your support. Indeed… everyone should enjoy
raising your prices, earn more and work less.

Go CMI…!

MICB/CMI success will benefit all inspectors by raising the inspection price bench mark. CMI is indeed a real way to help counter act all the inspection price degradation brought on by an over abundance of inexperienced, unqualified and or part time inspectors throughout our industry.



We are all counting on you. Make this happen and CMI will be a widely coveted designation.

The CMI forum is growing. Check them out.

I want the CMI under my name . . . I’m still out a ways before I’m even able to apply, but that is a goal I have to reach and I want it . . . keep it strong those of you who have the designation . . . I think I have great footsteps of good leadership to follow and look for support, and John, I want to be one of those bricks along with many others . . . I truely believe is will be a strong designation to put with my name . . . thanks to those of you who have worked so hard to bring it about.

So long as we are not delving into any area which can be construed as price-fixing or price-gouging, we should be okay. We need to be careful what we discuss. Any mention of minimum pricing is an absolute no-no.

Sherman anti-trust legislation is nothing to sneeze at. As such, I strongly urge all those interested in posting on the matter to please refrain from any mention of fees, fee schedules, or minimum pricing.

What would be nice is a service schedule book like the auto industry has. Replace a light recommended x amount.

I always allow for the fact that every location will be different and not
every inspector will ever charge the same price. My prices are mine,
and each one will have to set those prices for their area. Good point Joe F.


Sherman anti-trust legislation

Yes – lets be careful out there


My 6000’sf inspection today in Newport Beach was booked for $1195.00, it sold for just under $7,000,000.00… No one mentioned my fee…

I did a 6200’sf inspection last week in Bakersfield which sold for $1,600,000.00 and my fee was $995.00… The buyers agent complained about my price the entire 6 hours I was there…

Point being, “different strokes for different folks”, and that will absolutely apply depending on your location throughout the country. There is “NO” one size fits all in the inspection business. Gain as much experience, education and as many industry designations as possible and raise your prices as a result of same.

As our CMI President has stated over and over and over, the goal is to “Charge more and work less”…

As I am a long way from CMI, I do fully support the title for more than one reason. Mostly because of the vast knowledge you guys have and furthermore willing to share it with me when I ask. All I can say is keep Rockin guys. I could go on but I will spare you. Late Saturday, report from today needs finished, and Pink Floyd " Wish you Were Here" is sounding really good as usual. Its a good thing!

Someone referred me to inspectionnews.com (which equates to the short yellow bus for the “special” kids) where Scott Patterson and Jerry Peck are mentally masturbating to what they think is a discussion, here, on price fixing.

Apparently, neither of these two guys had fathers that stayed in the home long enough to tell their sons things like “You’ll make more money if get a B.A. or B.S. degree from college”. Nor did they hang with a literate group of people who aspired to get rich by going to schools and gaining designations like “M.D. or J.D.” Hey, here’s one…P.E.

To say that CMI is here for home inspectors to make more money is NOT and can never seriously be considered by anyone as “price fixing”. It’s just one more way for the anally fixated mental midgets on the “short bus” to find additional fault with members who participate on this message board.

These same critics of CMI are, in other threads on the “short bus”, predicting victory and rooting for Mallory in her frivolous lawsuit. That should tell you the extent of their legal knowledge and expertise.

No one has even mentioned a standard or minimum price for home inspections. What the discussion has been is related to what is already considered a normal business application whereas the master in one’s trade is entitled to a higher wage. Only on the short bus will this be stuttered and stammered as “price fixing”.

If anyone is guilty of price fixing, it is the used house salesman telling his client that he should “not be paying more than $200 for a home inspection” and those who accommodate.

That wouldn’t sit well with we workaholics. We want to charge more and work more to make even more than those who charge more and work less.

Good point RR… :mrgreen:

As our CMI President has stated over and over and over, the goal is to “Charge more and work less”…

except for Russell:)

I recommend asking the NACHI attorney to weigh in on the elements of discussing price between inspectors. It is pretty obvious that home inspections are underpriced considering the value provided and the cost of doing business, continuing education, etc.

Even on NAHI’s website they mistakenly stated the the typical home inspection costs 1-2% of the selling price of the property. Imagine how happy HI’s would be if that were true.

It would be interesting to find out how the RE industry managed to come up with % range that seems so uniform across the industry.

And the gasoline industry, as well. $2.87 on every corner, from here to there and everywhere. :margarit:

I imagine the RE industry gets by as the brokers/agents fees are categorized as “commissions”. As for gasoline, it is a tangible product that basically costs the same to produce.