No idea…


What was the other end doing?

Always amazed how many on this MB pass judgment with only half of the story!

No mystery here. The insulation on that phone wire is a problem.

It may have been alarm system wiring, low voltage in any case. The stuff was everywhere around the panel. I am guessing they thought they were grounding it.

Whats with that bottom right circuit breaker?

Nothing special.

Just slid off the rail a bit with the cover off.

Low voltage wiring not allowed in the box.

No idea what your post is about.

If you have a question then perhaps you should ask it. We could all comment on what we see but we have “No idea” what your question is.

The guy who installed the transformer didn’t have a short piece of THHN or other suitable conductor to extend the neutral on the transformer so he used some old POTS wire.

That wire may have 300 volt insulation on it.

It may indeed but I think there are other issues than that.