Will any IRS employees go to prison?

The Internal Revenue Service targeting Americans based on their viewpoints.

Someone better go to prison over this.

Doubt anyone will see prison time over this. As usual it will fade away and soon be a distant memory.


The administration will do whatever it takes to insulate themselves from this. If that means sending someone to prison, then that’s what they’ll do.

With their focus now turning toward Clinton and 2016, I won’t be surprised to see much of this recent mess “sticking” to the current President.

join the Church of Saint Mamas the patron saint of tax evaders


She pleads the 5th. Unbelievable.

No. The system will implode to protect itself. There will be no punishment for anyone without a major shift in Americans themselves.

AFTER she proclaimed her innocence.

It’s not over for her yet.

Yep, can’t have it both ways. You don’t get to testify before you plead the Fifth.

Funny how she spat on the First and Seconded Amendments, but stands proudly on the Fifth Amendment… Pretty typical of this administrations attitude overall.

“I do not know what happened”.

Hire NACHI inspectors to investigate.

NO, the government has gotten to big to jail.

same old same old…big gov is big gov…if the little local gov will not listen to the voter…a recent vote to build a new school in a certain county was put to vote, all voters said no…well there is now a new school…sure won’t see the big gov tossing at night…oh well life goes on !

I’d comment but I fear an audit. Uh oh I’ve said too much… delete, delete, delete!