Wind mit class


I believe that FABI is going to be giving a wind mit course with a test at the Dec meeting in Daytona Beach. Right now it as an approved course through Miami Dade College, but, of course, has not been approved by the OIR or Citizens as of yet. If you are interested I will let you know the price as soon as I get it. HOPEFULLY it will be good enough to pass on to Citizens to satisfy their requirement (until they change it again).

When I get more details I will send them. NO I AM NOT A MEMBER of FABI, just passing on the info for those who are interested.

Russ, Citizens has promised me a copy of the presentation that they are giving at the December FABI meeting… I hope to be able to share it with ALL when I receive it.

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I don’t know about you but I could give a rats *** about Citizens approval, furthermore it is very doubtful that the OIR will approve a course for a profession which they have no authority over.

The OIR operates under the Financial Services Commission and has no direct association with the DBPR who licenses home inspectors.

What is your guess?

Just info I got and wanted to pass it on.

The law requiring home inspectors to have a 3 hour course in wind mitigation is confusing at best. first of all it is not in the home inspection licensing statutes it is in the section pertaining to insurance (DFS & OIR). It doesn’t say anything about needing to be approved or by whom. The 2 hour wind/mit trainingg requirement on the other hand does say it is for CEU credits which is clearly falls under the DBPR. Anyway the question was asked at the OIR workshop on the 1802 form in September and the OIR staff running the meeting seemed to be caught by surprise. They appeared to have no idea if an approval was needed and who should approve it. Anyway, they were going review the situation and possibly get with the DBPR and see what they could come up with. The DBPR normally approves pre-licensing couses and CEU courses and this doesn’t seem to be either. The OIR doesn’t seem to be in the business of approving courses. We will see what happens.

As far as the DBPR approving home inspector CEU courses go, I don’t have first had knowledge but have been told by others that possibly due to manpower limitations the DBPR may not get into approving Home Inspector CEU courses until after the grandfathering period ends.

I’m going, the course will meet the requirements curently in existance. This will be the fifth of these courses for wind mitigation I have attended. Bound to learn something new since they keep changing it.

In the mean time, Citizens IS requiring a course, and this one is being offered at a reasonable price.

For those of you who want to fight the system, good luck and I hope you have lots of money for attorneys fees. For those of you that want a class that will let you do what you want to do, look into the class.