Bye bye My Safe Home program.

Good riddance.

Is today a sad day to be Mike Rowan, or has that day already passed?

I still believe Rowan will ultimately get the Citizen’s contract over InterNACHI, as he pays inspectors next to nothing. You can’t even start your truck for what he pays.

I bet that he is laughing all the way to the bank after reading that.

Just got home from Bill Yorks wind mit class. There is going to be a lot of upset homeowners in the next couple of years. People are going to lose a large percentage of the discounts they have come accustomed too.

Why would that be?

Nick, could you help clarify what the Wind Mit training is, and where it is available. and of course does OUR course that is available online constitute for the training or only the continuing education?

This whole thing is getting a little confusing, does the memorandum make it official that a FL licensed HI can do wimd mits? Also to follow up with Ken and Greg, just what type of class, training etc is required?

I will go ahead and ask the important question. Does iNachi’s Wind Mit course now qualify as an acceptable course and meet all the requirements of the new law? ON the surface I would say so but there may need to be some kind of validation by the State saying so. Why travel to Buggtussle to attend a course when there is an excellent course right here online. Does it need any updating or modifications to meet the new guidelines?

There is a real storm coming when it comes to wind mit discounts for homeowners. All of the reinspections will be done to the standards of the new form. From what I learned yesterday there have been many changes to the guidelines that we used to follow.
This is just one example.

Roof Geometry now has three classifications.


We used too consider a hip roof any roof that had less than 50% of any other shape along that elevation.

With the new form we have to measure the perimeter of the roof. Any roof that has any other shape greater than 10% is considered a Non-Hip.

Any home that has a flat roof that is 10% or larger of the roof surface then it is considered a flat roof. How many homes rated with the old form are now going to be changed due to those rules? There is no discount for a flat roof.

That is just one of many changes.

As I understand it there are no approved courses for the wind mit training as it applies to the requirements of our statute. Courses have been submitted but not approved. I have no doubt that Bill Yorks course will be approved given his history.
IMHO the NACHI course is going to need to be updated for a chance of approval. The statute says that the course must teach you how to complete the new form.

Another example of Florida’s incompetence. How is this effective July 1, 2010 yet no courses have officially been approved? In an effort to increase revenue rather than cut spending, they have jumped head first into a regulatory jungle for which they know nothing about. Meanwhile, we are getting screwed - in one way or another.

Should I spend my time doing a 14 hour NACHI Wind-Mitigation course if it’s not going to apply? As someone else said, I’d rather not pay if I can get it for free.

It really isn’t going to matter if we get to do them or not. The insurance industry was able to get a provision in that allows them to delay the discount until the insurers preferred partner has performed their own inspection. I am sure that provision will be enforced just as soon as there is an approved course.

The kicker is that the insurance company will inform the client that they can get their discount right away if they contact the preferred provider and pay for the inspection. It isn’t going to take to long before the general public knows that it is in their best interest to contact the preferred provider.

One step at a time boys. We knocked out the opponent, created the vacuum, created the course to fill the vacuum and now have to put the two together.

Hey guys,
The statute just says

“who has completed at least three hours of hurricane mitigation training and completed a proficiency exam.”

It does not say approved training or how the test is to be conducted.

This will be one of the lists to be on.

The monopoly held their ground longer than they should have. They shouldn’t whine.

1.(a) A home inspector licensed under s. 468.8314 who has completed at least 3 hours of hurricane mitigation training which includes hurricane mitigation techniques and compliance with the uniform mitigation verification form and completion of a proficiency exam.

I think that will make a diifernce. Time will tell.

Greg, where did you get this info?

Not that I want competition, but that is what I have been saying:p