Wind Mit. clip or toe nail?

Hi Guys,
Strap comes up from bond beam but does not wrap over truss. It has 2 nails threw metal strap and truss, at the bottom there is a rivet to metal plate of bottom of truss.Does the rivet give it a clip title or the rivet has no value and its considered toe nail because there is only 2 nails… .

Nope, Toe Nail (ii), Question states for minimal qualifications has to be a minimum of three nails and secured to the bond beam or top plate minimum of 1.5"

Secured to truss/rafter with a minimum of three (3) nails, and Attached to the wall top plate of the wall framing, or embedded in the bond beam, with less than a ½" gap from the blocking or truss/rafter and blocked no more than 1.5” of the truss/rafter, and free of visible severe corrosion

Rivets don’t count.

Do you have a picture so we can see:D

Shawn is correct.

. John, that rivet is to allow the boot plate to sit flush. It doesn’t go into the truss. The boot plate is there to keep the truss off of the concrete.
As stated by others, it counts as a toe nail.

Yep, the rivet is only holding the water shield cradle to the strap. Fools a lot of wind mitigation specialists.:stuck_out_tongue:

Once again you showed what a dumb a s s fool you are. Did you not even read it?

I was trying to help others. I learned of that way way ago from a person I trusted in the business. I believe it was before there was even classes on the subject.

At least I know what a perimeter is you idiot :slight_smile: If I were religious I would pray for you to be the test case on that perimeter thing :slight_smile: All you are is a wordie insurance shill b i t c h. Sad existence pretending to know everything and just doing as your masters tell you to do. Punk.


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You are correct at least this one does not take any crap from an internet punk like him :slight_smile:
So many on these forums have great big mouths because they know no one will hunt them down to close them for them. Funny thing is whenever you are at an event they ALL keep their mouths shut.

And even back then, bragging about booking a 150 dollar wind mit!

I have to admit Mike, the wind mit I am doing today is only $125.00. :frowning:

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Why would you even think a rivet would qualify?

Why would you say clip, Preston? OP says 2 nails and 1 rivet…

Many homeowners think they are nails and many insurance folks as well. Trying to explain it to them can be tough.

Alright let’s be straight, single strap that does not wrap over the truss and has two nails is toe nailed. A single strap that does not wrap over the truss and has a minimum of three nails is a clip. Assuming that the strap is not more than a inch and a half embedded in the bond beam or attached to the top plate.

sounds bout right :slight_smile: actually 1/2 inch unless blocked then it can be no more than 1 1/2 inches.

Thanks for the correction. I tried to type it myself with out copy and paste from form. :mrgreen:

Better understanding for spacer blocks would be…The embedded strap can be up to 2" away from the the truss/rafter if a spacer block (with a maximum thickness of 1.5") is used to reduce the gap and is properly attached to the truss/rafter. As long as there is less than a 1/2" space between the strap and truss, and the block is 1.5" or less, then it complies with the 1802 for this requirement. This is taken from the building code, but the code says 1/4" or less gap.

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