Wind Mit for Liberty Mutual

I did a wind mit for a client last month and just got a call from the insurance agent yesterday at 4:45PM. She said the underwriter wouldn’t accept the report because it didn’t identify whether the gable ends were braced.
WHen I told her that was not on the form, she said Liberty Mutual requires that info before they’ll issue any discounts.
Of course, she calls me, while I’m on an inspection, telling me I need to give this information 15 minutes before their office closes. And it’s the last day for the home buyer to get this info because she’s to close on Monday…
So, the moral of this story: Liberty Mutual requires the gable end bracing information.

She paid you to do a wind mitigation(1802), not a liberty mutual inspection. For an additional fee, I would have included the information.

With all the crap I see you guys posting about all the issues, that is how I would set-up my fees…

Wind Mitigation (1802) Inspections (Standard): $$$
Liberty Mutual (Surcharge): $$
Citizens (Surcharge): $$
Joe Blow Ins. Co. (Surcharge): $$
All Other (Surcharge): $$
Additional Information (after the fact): $$$
Fielding Agent BS (Calls- Verbal): $$$
Fielding Agent BS (In-person): $$$
Additional Document Fee (Each page): $$


My problem is each insurer seems to be having their own additional information and/or pictures they require. So much for a uniform state-prescribed reporting form… and of course, my client will probably be told, “we had to hold up your closing because your inspector didn’t give us the information we needed in time…” So much for a referral from her!
Fortunately, I try to take pictures of the entire attic, so I did have pics and was able to just forward this when I had the chance. Otherwise, I would have had to return.
The agent was trying to get me to just verbally confirm that the gables were braced over the phone… I can only imagine if I had said Yes without reviewing the pictures.

That is the easier problem to solve…call your client and INFORM them of the recent conversation with said agency, explain that it is NOT a State requirement and not even on the form. Front load this thing with your client so you don’t come out looking like the bad guy and the client has been filled in on the problem. The other thing is the insurance company could just cancel their policy and throw YOU under the bus. Better to be proactive than reactive…take the lead. btw…this is just one of the reasons myself and some others quit doing these stupid inspections…no consistency, an ever moving target and the lack of leadership at OIR.

Wind mit’s can be a PIA. If the attic is accessible and can verify gable end bracing I always include it in my photos other wise if you don’t see it either aint there or I can’t see it.

But…but… The Meeker has been preaching that photo’s aren’t needed. What gives???

I would tell them to pound sand and that I advised my client to file an immediate complaint to the O.I.R.

Never take crap from those who do not know the requirements.

I bet they would accept my wind mit after talking to me about a requirement from a past form.

I am not a harsh as in real life with them but they do get the point.

Some insurance co’s are getting their info from some rookie at citizens

Florida Statutes 627.711 Notice of premium discounts for hurricane loss mitigation; uniform mitigation verification inspection form.—
(1) Using a form prescribed by the Office of Insurance Regulation, the insurer shall clearly notify the applicant or policyholder of any personal lines residential property insurance policy, at the time of the issuance of the policy and at each renewal, of the availability and the range of each premium discount, credit, other rate differential, or reduction in deductibles, and combinations of discounts, credits, rate differentials, or reductions in deductibles, for properties on which fixtures or construction techniques demonstrated to reduce the amount of loss in a windstorm can be or have been installed or implemented.

Should there only be one uniform form to use?

Yes, there is only one. However, the underwriter has the right to request additional information. John, Russel, Preston, and I were in Tallahasse, this ‘additional information’ language was one of the items we tried to get removed.

But John response is the way I would likely proceed. An 1802 inspection was performed. If a different form was required, then the inspector needed to know this before hand. The form provided is the accepted form designed by the OIR.

However, If I had the information by chance, I would gladly provide it.

I’m surprised Liberty Mutual is writing home owners in Florida…

I know that, but I guess I chose to read that as they can request additional information about items on the form - not just any info they think they want to ask. I guess if this keeps up, each insurer will wind up with their own form - and then they can have their own standards - what constitutes a “wrap”? Is 7/16" acceptable for the roof decking, or do WE only offer discounts for having 1/2" plywood. etc…etc…

What happened to this Andrew did they accept your form in the end?

I had the additional info, so I just sent it to them - didn’t have to go back. However, I wanted to post this - I sent an email to the OIR - asking for guidance… here’s the response.

That’s great. But… accepted and approved are two different things. They could always say we did accept it and credits were not warranted. You know those car commercials that say all credit applications will be accepted? does not mean you will ride out.

Wayne - at least you’re off the hook. I’ve had several clients call me back saying their insurance won’t accept my form… it makes it sound like I’m doing something wrong. If the insurance accepts my form and still doesn’t extend the credits, then I’ve done my job and it’s out of my hands… more importantly, the client sees the insurer as the bad guy - not me as some incompetent idiot who can’t fill out a form correctly…

I got a call back yesterday from an agent. She said they are getting so picky it’s not funny anymore. They wanted my wind certification and some pictures I already sent. I don’t get in a hurry to do it anymore. They can wait at least till I get back home.

The unless the gable was inspected by the code inspector the answer should be NO.

Ask for their form / or their writen criteria. This is a MUST HAVE and must be approved by the OIR.