Wind-mit here we go again!

On another note we got an email on Friday from an agent saying that they gave the client a hip roof even though we marked other. They said they thought the client should get that and just wanted to let us know.

If you don’t fill out the other parts of the form, they aren’t going to those discounts. If you do fill out those parts of the form and there are no discounts, then what is the difference? Except the opportunity to charge less…which I don’t want.

I don’t do stand alone wind mits anymore unless they are within 10 minutes from my home. If others want to drive all over creation to do a partial inspection at a cut rate price, have fun! :smiley:

Here is the reson…

Like Preston said sometimes the “your” Clients get a BREAK and get an IDIOT in the insurance office.

Most times it benefits my clients for me to do a partial because they are getting other discounts they do not deserve.

I tell them this and let them know they will likely disappear but as always I think OUTSIDE THE BOX as most here do not. I keep an OPEN mind and try to help clients whenever possible.

It can NEVER hurt me to do as they request by doing what I clearly mark in big A -S Bod letters ONLY OPENING PROTECTION INSPECTION Every other question says NOT INSPECTED.

MANY times my clients get a short time benefit due to the insurance fools :slight_smile:

So Eric,

How is this NOT a good practice? I never suggest it and always point out it may and likely will eventually go BYE BYE. Sometimes I do recommend to those shopping companies NOT to submit my report because the one they currently have is better.

Those who are in the insurance companies POCKET need not respond :slight_smile:

MANY TIMES I have seen not to smart clients tell their current companies to POUND SAND…“BEFORE” consulting with me and then they get an accurate report and realize they were getting discounts they did not deserve.

The are ALWAYS then up the CREEK and they never ever have that OH so important paddle at that point.

Should have, could have but did not CONSULT with me FIRST>>>>>>>

So you overlook things that they are getting discounts for, even though they are not entitled to them? :shock: :shock:

I am pretty sure there is a word for that…several in fact…

NO NEVER in full reports EVER NEVER EVER…


IF they want an opening only protection inspection based on an idiot at the insurance company. I GLADLY provide it.


I only perform the actions I am paid or asked to do.

I never do something I am NOT paid to do especially if it may hurt my client.

To do so would HURT my CLIENT…

If I was a Doctor I would lose my license for such a STUPID move…

Can’t wait to hear you try to squirm out of this one :slight_smile:

Let me see if I have the scenario correct.
Someone calls you and says they need an opining protection credit only. You say ok and do the inspection. Do you do a complete wind mitigation inspection and only put the opening protection part on the form?

If so, three months later, when the client or the insurance agent calls back and asks, “We need the complete wind mitigation inspection”, do you say OK, send me a check for an additional amount and I’ll fill in the blanks, knowing that when you did the original wind mit, the client was going to have the other credits removed, because they didn’t deserve them in the first place?

I will answer real shortly.

If they want an opening only inspection report I ONLY do that and TELL them all of the POSSIBLE downside to the best I can. " all the stuff you say I tell them EVERY-TIME. I will not fight them over it :slight_smile: " Also the up sides.*** I GIVE THEM WHAT THEY REQUEST.***

If they call another time and need another inspection I do it just the same as always. BRAND NEW. Brand new fee.

I am HONEST as hell and can SEE NO REASON not to give them what THEY and the insurance IDIOT wants…

Please explain any downside to me???

So you charge them once to do an inspection you know is fraudulent, you just don’t document it, then charge them again for a proper inspection?

Typical Scenario is they already have a current WM and now have replaced their windows or installed shutters and want the credit. They don’t always meet the criteria but that’s why we are requested to verify opening protection.

You have lost you friggin mind…

I NEVER do anything fraudulent.

Almost everytime I have the request it is because of an idiot at the insurance agency.

I give them what they want and pay for.


Here is the difference between YOU and I.

You believe you know everything and have a closed mind.

I do not and will do whatever my client requests as long as it is in NO WAY WRONG.

I = honesty and good for client.

You Know it all and want to show everyone your genius :slight_smile:

I tell them, in that scenario, to contact their previous inspector and have him do it. If they can’t, then I tell them I will do a new wind mit. I am not going to do a partial and then let the insurance company pick and choose what they want from each report and make their own.

Typical …not always.MANY MANY times they have old ROOF TO WALL ratings they NO LONGER STAND UP.

They benefit short term because of idiots in the insurance company that do not realize they should and “I WOULD” require a new and to current definition wind mitigation report.

I tell them enjoy it while it lasts and hope they do not get a reinspection.

I will not ON PURPOSE fu-k my client when they request and “THE INSURANCE COMPANY” requests one thing. I do not feel it is my job to help scumbags rip off and make more clients lose their homes :slight_smile: I ALWAYS ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS ASKED honestly ALWAYS…

As usual, you are incorrect about me. I know I don’t know everything, and my mind is always open. In my opinion, what you are doing is ripping your clients off, not once, but twice. Just my opinion.

Your opinion is wrong. A rip off would be me not telling them what will likely happen. You screw them from the start.


I even tell them all the reasons that you have said.

KEEP FIGHTING it it just proves what I say :slight_smile: You CANNOT WIN this one :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You tell them that what you are about to do is wrong, and still do it. Then you charge them for it. I simply tell them, I report on what I see, take the pictures and give you the form.

I don’t do “what the client wants” or “what the insurance company wants”. I fill out the form and let the cards fall where they may.

I NEVER DO ANYTHING WRONG. You screw those who pay you willingly.

PLEASE anyone out they tell me what I do is wrong… Come on. Show your as-es. I dare ya.

Eric at least you have the balls to go down fighting :slight_smile: Wrong as you are on this one.

There again is the difference between us. I will admit and sometimes figure out through discussion I am wrong.


I even admit it when I am. :slight_smile:

This is pretty comical

I aim to please :).

Anything just to make you smile Bill :slight_smile: I hope all is going well with you.