Wind Mit n Roof Cert ??? HELP

Did an inspection old a 1938 conch home with a 76 year old roof that has addition with a 8 year old roof. No Docs in permit office to support other wise…All four Roofs look Good.

The first questions is on the Roof Cert. Form Primary Roof would it be the Oldest and the roofs on Addition would be listed under secondary???

The second question is on the Wind Mit Form How do I list it??? All roofs are metal…addition remodeled in 2004 according to permit but plans show that original roof stayed but addition roof was replaced.
There is only one line!!!

What to do…Help Please. A call would be ok tooo 305 923 9684

Thanx Chuck

Primary roof is the largest roof by square footage. If the roof was only partially replaced but it is all metal go with the oldest roof as this is most likely the weakest attachment, and wouldn’t have the paperwork necessary to show it meets the required standards. (unless it was replaced whilst those standards were in effect)

List the second metal roof under “other” and label it “metal”. If you have more than 2 separate roofs (different installation dates) that are the same type, addendum notes are needed.