Garage Door Wind Mitigation?

Garage Door Wind Mitigation?
I have had a couple of cases where the entire house is fully protected with hurricane Class A Shutters, but garage door is not impact resistant…are you guys elimitating the shutter credit because of garage door? or Are you giving the credits?
And if you give the credit under which category???

I really appreciate your feedback on this…
Miami-Dade County, Florida

Not impact tested means not impact tested in my opinion. Where are you working. You should update your location info.

We do not give credits, we do not eliminate anything. We report what is or is not there. We do mark it under all glazed. :smiley:


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Just the Facts ma’am ! All Glazed Exterior Openings

As the others have stated, you are there to report. If the door does not have windows and everything else is protected then yes mark all glazed openings. Also, inform your client on what they could do to better protect their home and also what may help them save on their insurance. Do not mark anything just to be a good guy. That is the real reason for re-inspections.

Someone needs the Wind Mit training…


It is a free class if here if you are a member:twisted:

Please, if you have not had training take it. The class here or Yorks; for the love of god and country take a class if you have not had one, please.


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