Wind mit permit date

So on the wind mit’s, on the permit date section do you fill that out or leave it blank. I live in Sarasota county, my house was built in 2005, I searched The Sarasota county website for permits and it said there was none, then I go to the website of my city and there was two permits but really no info that I could figure out about it. So just curious what others are doing about that, and is it different in other areas on how easy to pull permit info. Maybe I just need to contact the county to get set up so I can pull permit info.

Sarasota home inspector

Anything built in 2005 you do not need permits unless it is a new roof on a older home.

I think Mike means you don’t need a wind mit if the house was built after 2005. Last I checked, permits are still required! :slight_smile:

Call and ask the city where you live for the permit information.

correct…Did I word it wrong?

Not true. A wind mit can still save you money if the house was built in 2005 if it exceeds the minimums.
Ex. hip roof, single wraps, SWR are all features that are not required, yet a discount if you have them.

I do them on a brand new home. That’s the only way you get a shutter credit.

Reece is correct, as I’ve stated here a few times, there are 2 sets of discount charts handed out by the OIR, one chart much simplified if you select built to FBC/SFBC, and a more complicated one if not built to FBC/SFBC. If you select built to FBC/SFBC, the roof replacement, roof deck, and roof to wall selections are nulled out, and a large overall discount is applied to recognize the strength of the FBC/SFBC. For instance, it doesn’t matter if you have staples or 8D nails as the deck attachment in an FBC/SFBC home, won’t change the discount %. Client would not need a wind mit for anything built to FBC/SFBC to get that credit. Client would still need a mit to get hip roof, SWR, and shutter credits as Reece stated above. To answer your question Steven, no, the only time you might need a permit is when the build date says 2002 as the FBC didn’t take effect till 3/1/02.


If the home is located in a wind-borne debris region, your clients don’t need a wind mit on a home built under 2007 FBC (& subsequent 2010 FBC), to get the shutter credit. Their residential property had to have wind-borne debris protection to obtain a C.O… If the insurers are pulling that ***** in coastal areas, have your clients tell them to look it up in the 2007 & 2010 FBC… sec 301.

You are correct. Correct me if I am wrong but there is a five mile rule right? All of the ones I have done are not that close to the water but in areas where previous damage had occurred.