Wind mit - roof covering permit date question

What should I mark for part 2 Roof covering for a house started 10/3/2002 , finished in 2003 with the original roof?

The wind mit form says

There is no separate roofing permit for a single residential, it only gets a building permit. So there is no actual roof permit. So what do I select? A or B?

30 views and no answers yet? It appears a whole lot of wind mit inspectors need a few more hours of training.

Use the original building permit date. The original roof is included with that permit.

You use the permit application date. Not the date it was started.

Thousands of permits were pulled on 2-28-02. To be started at a later date.

Thanks guys, after reading your replies I see where I got confused. I agree with what you’re saying, I was reading the “or started in 2004 and original” in the wrong way.