Wind Mit QOD

If the entire home has roll down shutters on all openings with no label but there is a permit from 1998 for “Installation of shutters” that’s it, no other info. What shutter rating do they get.

You would have to go to the permit and find out who the contractor was. Then, hopefully, they are still in business and you can get the model number and determine what they are rated for.

If you are saying that the only information was “Installation of shutters”, then probably “N”.

If outside the HVHZ…(N), unless more info can be obtained.

Need more info

I agree need more info but why?

When you get a roof permit do you check and ensure the roof was installed properly? No, you go by the permit date, why are the shutters not handled in the same fashion?

If in the HVHZ it would be OK. If outside, the permit means nothing as the FBC didn’t start until 03/01/02.

I would have to agree that for FBC you would need more documentation. Now Lets say the properperty was built to the FBC 2004 as one of Russ’s previous post, would a building application date/shutter permit be enough?

If the home had a permit application date of 03/01/2002, the permit date would suffice for verification, but in the case mentioned above the permit date was 1998. The home was likely constructed under SBCCI 1997 which did not include provisions for the installation of metallic glazing protection, but oddly enough does include provisions for the installation of wood panels, and impact glazing

Only the insurance agent knows for sure…:mrgreen:


That is funny!!

Had an agent call me last week to tell me that I made an error on a report that was going to cost our shared client $660 per year because I checked the roof geometry as being other, when it is a hip. She said I should have known this because according to the property appraiser web site it clearly is rated as a hip roof.
I apologized and told her i would get back with her after I got back to the office and could review the report.
After getting back to the office and opening the report, I noted the Mansard covered patio in picture # 3 and the attached floor plan of the house showing the 40 lf of mansard accounting for 18% of total roof.
Called the agent back and she continued to insist that I was wrong and the property appraiser was correct. Go figure. I told if she could get an inspector too produce a fraudulent report more power to her

I actually take quite a few pictures of the roof and if one wanted, they could put all those pictures together and have a compete roof picture.
All of those pictures don’t go in the report but usually, there are 30 pictures or more, for the wind mit…just in case.:wink:

I had the same discussion with an agent last week. He said if I continue to do the wind mits wrong nobody will use me. Then he convinced our client I was wrong and told her she should file a complaint against my license. My office offered to file one one his.

John, did he mean to say that if you continue to do them right no one would use you? Experts all those agents, but their licenses aren’t on the line when the form is signed.

I think there will be in the end a lot of insurance licenses being jeopardized due to colusion between improper inspectors and improper agents.

Yes, he knows the definition of a hip roof better than me and I will be out of business soon. :twisted:

I wonder what book he wrote on wind mitigation?:mrgreen:

Unrated product.